Entrepreneurial Institute

4.5 Reasons to Get Excited About the Leslie eLab

With the opening of the Mark and Debra Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab so close, there are many reasons to get excited. This new skill-building and collaborative workspace will allow more NYU Entrepreneurs to develop entrepreneurial skills and launch their ventures.

+1 The serendipity

There is a powerful effect of a space focused on entrepreneurs. If you’re finishing your homework for Econ 101, go to Bobst. If you’re looking to launch a startup for a new Warby Parker for bed sheets, code your retina scanning device, or design your recovery aid for post-op cancer patients (real NYU companies) then come on down. This will be a place to meet co-founders, develop skills you need to succeed, and generally push your startup through the sausage factory. Open to every NYU student and faculty member working on their startup, the Leslie eLab is going to be a hive of entrepreneurial activity.

+1 The gadgets

Laser cutters and 3D printers are just the beginning. Whether you’re working on a web-tech startup or a new connected device we’ll have tools to help you along the way. Our computers are fully stocked with all the software you need to succeed, and our fabrication lab is packed with more arduinos than you can shake a stick at. If you’ve got a student group and want to host an event, with a few clicks we can live-stream it to your followers around the world and capture it for posterity.

+1 The people

We take it as a point of pride to have the best of the best as speakers, judges, and mentors at our events. Big names are going to be in and out of the lab. This offers the opportunity to learn from their experience and develop personal relationships so that when it comes time to raise that round or incorporate your company, you’ll know who to call, and they’ll know you. On top of that, our staff is knowledgable and committed to help you as much as we possibly can.

+1 The events

Not only is the Leslie eLab going to be a home for the events we host: hackathons, design workshops, team-building sessions, and much more, it will be a place where student and faculty entrepreneurs can host their own events. We want the Leslie eLab to become a home for NYU entrepreneurs brought together by great content. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience with entrepreneurship or not, we’ll have something to help get you started and on the right path to launch your venture.

+.5 The free coffee

Lastly, when you’ve been pivoting for what seems like an eternity and just need a bit of energy to press on, we’ll be here for you with free coffee and ramen. While supplies last, so come visit us soon!