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NYU Summer Launchpad is a 10-week accelerator for teams of NYU student entrepreneurs that provides $10,000 in grant funding (non-dilutive, zero equity), startup skills bootcamps, 1:1 coaching from NYC entrepreneurs and early stage investorscollaborative workspace for the summer, pro-bono legal incorporation  counsel, web hosting credits and other perks to help get your venture launched.

Applications for the 2017 Summer Launchpad is now open! Applications are now closed.

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    Who It's For

    Open to teams of NYU student entrepreneurs with at least an early prototype of their product or service.

    • Teams of 2 or more entrepreneurs with at least 1 team member from NYU
    • Committed to your startup full-time, both during and after the program
    • More than an idea - come with at least an early prototype and have the skills to execute on your concept!
    • Understand the requirements of the program and have an openness to customer discovery
    Selection Criteria

    First things first, we’ll make sure you’re part of a team of at least 2 members. Remember, at least 1 teammate must be from the NYU community!

    From there, we’ll consider your early prototype and how you believe your time with the Summer Launchpad will propel your venture into the next phase of product development and launch.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Now that you read about the program, its benefits and who should apply, check out the answers to additional questions you might have.

      • Is this accelerator only for students?

    While the NYU Summer Launchpad is primarily for graduating students, teams may apply if at least one member is a current or recently graduated (2017) student, or a current faculty, researcher, or staff member. International students are welcome and encouraged to apply, however we can’t grant separate visas for the program.

      • What types of ventures is the accelerator for?

    Summer Launchpad is intended for all types of startups which have growth potential. Whether focused on social innovation, software, medical devices, physical products, hardware, or other areas, all are welcome to apply.

      • What are the basic requirements to be considered?

    Preference is given to teams with two or more founders. At least one founder must be a current/recently graduated student, or a faculty, researcher or staff member. Graduating students (2017) are strongly preferred. All core team members must be committed to their startup full-time (during and after program) and should have the skills to execute and who understand the program and have an openness to customer discovery. Additionally teams should have more than an idea – at least an early prototype.

      • When and where does it take place?

    The accelerator runs from Monday June 5, 2017 until August 10, 2017. Most program elements will take place at the Leslie eLab. All participating team members are expected to attend all program activities, which take place on Mondays through Thursdays.

      • I have a part-time internship lined up for summer. Can I still apply?

    All core team members must be committed to their startup, and to pursuing their startup via NYU Summer Launchpad, full-time (during and after program). However teams may include some non-core founding members or advisors who have outside obligations such as faculty appointments or internships, but they are not eligible to participate in the Summer Launchpad program.

      • Part of my team is located internationally. Does that disqualify my team?

    All core team members must be onsite during the Summer Launchpad program from June - August. However teams may include some non-core founding members or advisors who are working remotely.

    International students who will graduate in May 2017 and would like to apply to the accelerator, please contact Office of Global Services (OGS) for more details:

    Manhattan Office Location:
    383 Lafayette Street
    (212) 998-4720

    Brooklyn Office Location
    Room 230, 5 MetroTech Center
    (646) 997-3805

      • Our team has two venture ideas, can we submit multiple applications?

    While you may submit as many applications as you like, if your team is selected for the program, we expect teams to be fully committed to the venture they are selected to participate with (both during and after the program). Additionally, teams should submit more than just an idea - instead they should have at least an early prototype.

      • What is the deadline to apply?

    The deadline to submit your application is Friday, April 14th at 5 p.m. EST.

      • We've already taken some funding. Can we still apply?


      • Who will be reviewing my application?

    Applications will be reviewed by and interviews will be conducted by senior members of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute team and NYU Innovation Venture Fund. Applications will not be shared with any external parties for any reason.

      • Do you give feedback on application results?

    Typically we do not give specific feedback on applications. However we’d be happy to meet with your team to give more general feedback and guidance about your startup through our mentorship/coaching program (open to those currently affiliated with NYU only). You can book a coaching appointment here:

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  • 2016 Coaches
    Ali Heron

    Consumer engineering & product development specialist for tech companies

    Andrew Breen

    Technology product management and innovation growth expert

    Andrew Kangpan

    Due diligence practitioner focused on emerging technologies

    Blake Stevens

    Product development and intellectual property expert

    Brian Cohen

    Professional angel investor and technology marketing strategist

    Brian Shimmerlik

    B2B business modeling and efficient financial planning professional

    Dan Melinger

    Mobile technology, transactional systems and media product leader

    Eliot Durbin

    Investor focused on scalable b2b internet startups

    Eric Kroll

    Fundraising, operations and consultant to high-growth startups

    Eric Martinez

    Brand designer for early-stage growth hacking & customer acquisition

    Erica Gruen

    Marketing and branding expert focused on edtech & entertainment

    Giff Constable

    B2C customer development and influential brand marketing practitioner

    Jeffrey Silverman

    Angel investor with deep media sales & marketing expertise

    Jennifer Bryne

    Technologist with focus on mobile, media, and financial services

    Jennifer van der Meer

    Product-market fit strategist skilled in creating business & revenue models

    Jeremy Block

    Strategist with focus on digital health and big data

    Joanna Schneier

    Education product development, operational efficiency & marketing professional

    Josh Nussbaum

    Business and product developer focused on social businesses

    Katie Shea

    Serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant and angel investor

    Ketan Patel

    Connected devices, IT security, and fundraising expert

    Kevin George

    Sales, investor relations and legal management practioner

    Kim Armor

    Venture capital, finance, business development and sourcing expert

    Lucas Nelson

    Engineer, product development and fundraising expert

    Mark Pinney

    Finance operations specialist growing startups & consulting on venture funding

    Nayeem Hussain

    Internet of things business strategist and product developer

    Noah Dinkin

    Audience development and influential brand marketing practitioner

    Owen Davis

    Web entrepreneur with focus on media and business solutions

    Richard Fulop

    Business development and strategic partnerships professional

    Robert Rosenberg

    Catalyst for new venture opportunities and commercializing businesses

    Scott Holand

    Product management, lead generation and business modeling professoinal

    Seung Shin

    Biotechnologist, product development and management practitioner

    Tenoch Esparza

    Product, marketing and business communications strategist

    Tlacael Esparza

    Technologist and programmer focused on musical engineering

    Thomas Kelly

    Innovative food and restaurant branding expert

    Tom Weingarten

    Cross-platform engineer and product development specialist

    Vicki Fulop

    eCommerce public relations and social marketing expert

    Vince Passione

    Revenue generation pro focused on profitability, technical infrastructure & growth

    Vlad Vukicevic

    Fine arts and media strategist focused on growth

    Yasser Ansari

    Mobile-focused product design and development socialist