NYU I-Corps Summer Program - CIE

The NYU I-Corps summer program uses the Lean LaunchPad methodology to show the teams how to develop a STEM idea into a viable commercial product and commercialize it. Each team will receive initial funding to create a prototype and be eligible to apply for additional funding of $1,000 to $3,000 by successfully completing the program.

Participants in the program, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, will also learn how the skills learned through entrepreneurship can make them better scientists or engineers.

Read the news coverage on the program here.

  • Tell Me More

    Our mission is to increase diversity in STEM entrepreneurship and provide guidance as well as resources for STEM innovators. We support initiatives that help faculty and students reach greater heights by harnessing important technologies and re-imagining business ideas.

    We catapult these ideas into advanced, problem-solving innovations to address society’s greatest problems. Learn more here.

    Benefits to the program are:

    ● Funding to produce prototypes for successful participants.
    ● Training in the Lean LaunchPad methodology.
    ● Partnerships with technical and business mentors.
    ● Validation of customers and minimum viable product.

    The program is committed to improving diversity in STEM entrepreneurship, so women and students of color are encouraged to apply. A portion of the program during the summer will be devoted to exploring the challenges facing diversity in STEM entrepreneurship.

    Who should apply:

    ● Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged to apply, but individuals without a team will also be considered. The program will then help them connect with others.
    ● Those who are interested in tackling a social challenge (like food waste, access to clean water, health) but do not have a specific technical or scientific solution in mind.
    ● Those without a specific idea or goal, but who want to learn more about startup culture and how it can improve STEM research.

  • Frequently Asked Questions / Criteria & Guidelines

    Is it possible to work full time during the program? We expect that the student leader has a full-time commitment to I-Corps for the summer workshop. Lean requires a lot of effort. If you are interested but must work, we recommend that you make yourself a team member and select a colleague to be the student leader.

    Team Members
    Is it necessary to have team members? How can I find them? It might be tempting to try this alone, but there is too much work to do in a short period for one person. It’s helpful for you to have current students on your team, but other options are possible: friends, family, and alumni can participate so long as they are committed to your project. If you cannot find team members, your application will not be disqualified; we will be happy to connect you with other applicants who need a team after you apply.

    Can international students participate? What about graduate students? The student leader must be a continuing NYU undergraduate or graduate student. Your team may include an alum, but not as the leader: graduating students should make themselves a team member and select someone else to be the student lead. International students are welcome.