Join us in Welcoming the 4th Annual Summer Startup Sprint Cohort

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This Summer, the NYU Startup Sprint will offer 17 teams, representing 16 different NYU schools, the opportunity to get the support and resources they need to test the potential value of their solutions. The Sprint is a 2-week customer discovery intensive. This year's cohort was very competitive with 100 + applications submitted! 

The Startup Sprint is designed to support undergrad and grad students that have an idea and/or prototype, and have began to form a team. Through the Sprint, NYU students engage directly with their target customers to learn more about them, their problems and pain points, as they explore the potential of their ideas and inventions.

Perks of the program include:

  • A $1,000 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $1,500 in additional funding
  • $5,000 credit from Amazon Web Services
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick & West
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • Lots of startup skills workshop
  • And much more!
  • Read here to learn more about the Startup Sprint program


We are thrilled to welcome and work with the following teams:

Abeona is a site that aggregates intersectional content to empower BIPOC millennials in their travels through the NY metro area on a single, convenient platform.

Elissa Ha (Global Liberal Studies ‘21), Strickland Swanson (CAS ‘15), Sreeya Narra (CAS ‘24), Jin Lee (CAS ‘14), Tejas Vemparala


Aquasaathi is a platform of products for shrimp aquafarmers for automated monitoring of water quality to improve productivity and for early indication of stress and disease outbreak. 

Pavithra Narayanasamy (Stern MBA ‘20), Siddarth Tallur


Arium is a browser-based platform for building, sharing and attending 3D exhibition spaces with spatial video chat.

Aidan Nelson (Tisch ‘19), Dan Oved (Tisch ‘19)


Beet & pear is a mission-driven tech startup committed to building better local food systems. Currently, we're building a multi-vendor marketplace platform which connects avid farmers market goers in NYC directly with small, sustainable local farmers.

Antonio Mancini Albano (Steinhardt ‘22), Sujaan Shah (Stern ‘21), David Rafanan (Tandon ‘19), Erika Braeger, Heath Daniel


Coopsight: helps startups explore other startups that they can network with, ultimately to make partnerships happen.

Thomas Yee (Shanghai ‘22), George Chichua (Shanghai ‘22), Erol Bickici (Shanghai ‘22), Margarita Demkina


Cyobot provides open-source project kits to help 2nd and 3rd-year hardware college students to learn industry-relevant skills to prepare for doing their own personal projects effectively and building a portfolio for job search.

Roxy Ho (Steinhardt ‘21), Duy Nguyen, Evelyn Le, Emily Tran, David Truong


Frich is a social finance app that enables Gen Z to develop mindful spending habits by setting goals together with friends and keeping each other accountable. Imagine a fitness app but for your finances.

Aleksandra Medina (Abu Dhabi ‘21), Katrin Kaurov


Grow Together is building grow-kits and curriculum to be paired with New York State public school green roofs.

Kai Zhang (Gallatin ‘21 & Wagner ‘22), Tim O'Keefe (Tandon Faculty), Gabriela Kreutzberger (Gallatin ‘22)


Homestead is a cloud based Business to business (B2B) Software as a Solution (SaaS) for homebuilders that streamlines the customization process by improving communication with customers and contractors, automating documentation workflows, and providing data analytics to improve the customer experience and construction productivity.

Benjamin Fortunato (Stern MBA '21), Ilya Chistiakov


ImagineX is a subscription-based digital mentorship platform that connects aspiring English, History and Interdisciplinary PhD applicants especially, First-Gen and BIPOC applicants with scholars who will act as mentors and assist with the PhD application process with the goal of crafting a competitive application and achieving admission to top PhD programs.

Yolanda Mackey (GSAS '21), Faith Mackey, Corey Barkers


Letryx is a contracts analytics platform for corporate attorneys, starting with the energy law sector replaing manual research during contract negotiations with cheaper, faster, and more accurate AI-based analysis and drafting tools.

Vlad Kobzar (GSAS ‘21), Clifton King, Luke Burns


Melacast Network is a casting platform for BIPOC Directors and Actors in film and television.

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah (Tisch ‘20), Adrian Sobrado (Tisch ‘22)


Middlemen is an authentication and handling service for safely swapping sneakers online.

Brandon Lee (Gallatin ‘22), George Li


Real Connections is an app for making new friends. It is composed of activities that facilitate the formation of relationships. Busy, young urbanites with graduate degrees and without families nearby feel increasingly isolated, but lack access to spaces designed to be healthy mediators of interactions.

Rita Tavares (Tisch ‘21), Noah Kernis (Tisch ‘21), Maxwell DaSilva (Tisch ‘21)


Take Five: A wellness app for remote desk-workers which works with your calendar to create an adaptive rest and work schedule

Neeharika Tummala (Stern ‘22),  Owen White (Gallatin ‘16) Raghav Singhal (GSAS ‘24),


Televase is a multimedia display vase system. It is a vase which has 4 display screens on each side, Led lighting to program color themes, speakers for sound and music. It has the capabilities to upload and stream contents such as images, photos, logos, text, sound and videos. It's also a decorative device that can hold floral arrangement. Televase is intended to be used by Event Planners who are seeking a simpler way of incorporating multimedia into their events through this vase centerpiece device.

Carl Samuel Jr (NYU Staff), Kim Samuel


Visura is a proprietary software to find quality and diverse content and talent for the news, media, and journalism industries.

Adriana Teresa Letorney (GSAS '21), Graham Letorney