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Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Week & Black History Month

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Every January, we remember the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and in February we celebrate Black History Month. Yet, it is important to celebrate and support black entrepreneurs all year round. Dr. King was a leader in many respects of the word, and his passion and perseverance for fighting for what is right are an inspiration for anyone who is carving out their own path, much like starting a startup. And while Martin Luther King Jr Day is a day of service, inspiration, and personal reflection, Dr. King’s lessons also resonate in entrepreneurship.

Like an entrepreneur, he identified a problem, came up with a unique, creative solution, took a chance, defied convention and made a difference. Strong partnerships lead to success. Dr. King stated,“We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.” While leading the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King formed partnerships with influential citizens as well as local and national leaders.

We invite you to join the NYU entrepreneurial community through our robust slack channel and attend exciting events. We hope you join some of these great events celebrating Martin Luther King and Black History Month.


1. Participate & Join in Community Events


MLK Kickoff: Courageous Conversations in AI on Feb 1 at 6 pm

Co-Director of the NYU Center for Responsible AI, Dr. Julia Stoyanovich, and Stern adjunct assistant professor, Jennifer Wynn, will discuss responsible AI and how to enact social change in our increasingly digital and tech-oriented spaces.


Female Founders Lunch w/ Startup Advisor & Investor, Liz Hartley on Feb 5 at 11 am

Join the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute virtually for a networking lunch to meet local female founders and investors. Our guest speaker, Liz Hartley, VC and Startup Advisor, will share her startup stories and we’ll discuss resources for female founders in creating innovative businesses at NYU.

If you're a female founder working on a startup and want to meet others working in the space, then this event is for you! Entrepreneurs at any stage in their startup journey are welcome to join. If you have just an idea, a new venture or an operating business, you're highly encouraged to attend.


Entrepreneurship in the Black Community: The Importance of Supporting Black-owned Businesses on Feb 5 at 1 pm

A conversation with Black entrepreneurs as they discuss their journey, the impact of recent events (COVID-19, police brutality, protests across the US, etc.), and ways to better support black-owned businesses. Panelists will also discuss the increased need to support black-owned businesses during the pandemic.


Stay tuned for more -- in March, we will be hosting an Inclusive Entrepreneurship Forum. Speaker details will be released soon.

Learn more about the previous Inclusive Entrepreneurship Forum.


2. Celebrate Black Startups


We celebrate the successes of AMGO (Summer Sprint ‘20), Esusu (Entrepreneurs Festival panelist ‘20), Sector (Summer Launchpad ‘19), She Matters (SLP ‘20), SheSpoke Suits (Summer Sprint ‘20), The Diversity Org (Summer Launchpad ‘18), Tulii Skincare (Summer Sprint '20) VisionVoice (J-Sprint ‘21), Yo Stay Hungry (J-Sprint ‘19), and more


3. Support these Black- Owned NYU Alumni Businesses, from food & beverage, education, finance, & more


4. Learn/Educate Yourself 

Begin and continue to learn about anti-racism. Read these books and articles recommended by the NYU Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation.