Looking Ahead: Spring 2021 (Faculty Edition)

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Spring semester is here and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute already has a full calendar of virtual events to support your entrepreneurial endeavors. From workshops to funding opportunities, check out the major upcoming dates below.

P.S. These are only some of the upcoming events and programs. For the full list, visit our events calendar.



1: Tech Venture Workshop applications due

9: Startup School: Protecting Your Idea or Invention (IP) (This is one of dozens of Startup School Workshops. Check out all upcoming ones here.)

5: Female Founders Lunch with Startup Advisor & Investor, Liz Hartley (Check out the NYU Female Founders Community page for more events like this!)

11: Startup Team Hunt

17: Startup School: Legal Essentials

23: Startup School: Funding Your R&D

26: Summer Accelerators info session (This info session covers the NYU Summer Launchpad and the Summer edition of the NYU Startup Sprint. This is only the first info session of the semester, to see other dates check out the events calendar.)



2: Startup School: Pitching to VCs (This is one of dozens of Startup School Workshops. Check out all upcoming ones here.)

4: VC Pitchfest

9: Startup School: From PhD to Startup CEO

10: Startup Team Hunt

25: NYU Summer Launchpad & Summer Startup Sprint applications due



14: VC Pitchfest: Deep & Bio Tech Edition

16: NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge Semi-Finals



14: NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge Final Pitchoff


These are only some of the major events we have coming up, but our events calendar is always growing so don't forget to check in weekly and to sign up for our Deep & Bio tech newsletter for new events and opportunities!

This list is geared towards faculty members, researchers, and post-docs. Are you a student looking to find out what we have in store for you this semester? Check out our Looking Ahead: Spring 2021 (Student Edition) post!