Meet the teams: $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge Finalists

The $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge competition finals will be held on Friday, June 12. Before you join us for the event, meet the 8 teams that will be pitching across 3 tracks: Social Venture, New Venture, and Technology Venture.


Social Venture Competition

Photo of Bloc foundersBloc

Bloc is a platform that trains underrepresented talent to be better equipped and hireable for jobs using AI powered tools and key organizational partnerships.

Founders: Riley Jones (NYU Law ‘20), Amina Yamusah


Photo of Sabai foundersSabai Design

Sabai Design is a furniture company that offers affordable, well-designed and eco-friendly furniture options.

Founders: Caitlin de Lisser-Ellen (Stern MBA ‘21), Phantila Phataraprasit (NYU Law ‘20)


New Venture Competition

Photo of Fairgrade foundersFairgrade

Fairgrade changes the way professors and TA’s grade through combining technology and crowdsourcing to efficiently generate fair and credible grades.

Founders: Kreagan Kennedy (Stern MBA ‘21), Projjol Banerji (M.A. Courant ‘20), Anthony Marciano (Clinical Professor, Finance), Sonia Marciano (Clinical Professor, Management & Organizations), Alexa Marciano, David Kheyman, Samantha Marciano


Photo of Fiduciary Ai foundersFiduciary AI

Fiduciary AI revolutionizes committee governance by automating the boardroom with AI-driven meetings, note taking, and decision making.

Founder: John Nawrocki (Stern B.S. ‘90, MBA‘01)


Photo of War Locker foundersWar Locker

War Locker engineers contact sports gear providing superior comfort and protection to male athletes participating in highly physical, combat sports.

Founders: Kyle Yang (Stern MBA ‘21), Stanley Chen (Stern MBA ‘21)


Technology Venture

Photo of Envirobe foundersEnvirobe

Envirobe fights expanding landfills with plastic eating microbes.

Founders: Samuel Magaziner (NYU Grossman School of Medicine, M.D./Ph.D. '26), Emma Hon, Ravish Rawal


Photo of Precision Radiomics founderPrecision Radiomics

Precision Radiomics accurately diagnoses osteoporosis through 3-D imaging data resulting in patient specific measurements.

Founders: Gregory Chang (Associate Professor, NYU Langone Health), Chamith Rajapakse


Photo of Portable Diagnostic Systems founderPortable Diagnostic Systems

Portable Diagnostic Systems supports law enforcement with a roadside DUI drug detection device.

Founders: Glennon Simmons (Researcher, NYU College of Dentistry), Sayli Modak (Tandon BS ‘15, NYU College of Dentistry M.S.), Michael McRae