Meet the 2020 NYU Summer Accelerator teams

Meet the Summer Launchpad teams

Join us in congratulating the NYU startup teams comprising the 8th cohort of the NYU Summer Launchpad accelerator! Over 90 teams applied to participate in the program, from all over the university. This year’s teams will benefit from an incredible array of resources and perks, as they build out their ventures in this 9-week program. 

This includes:  

  • Up to $10,000 in grant funding 
  • $15,000 in professional services and software, including pro-bono incorporation & legal counsel from McCarter & English, cloud computing credits from Amazon Web Services, accounting and tax advice from EisnerAmper, and more 
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors 
  • Lots of startup skills workshops 
  • And much more! 

We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams this summer!

Dathic uses an AI-based platform to analyze and understand public data, empowering companies with evidence to decide where to distribute their products, connecting them to their appropriate buyers and communities with their roots.

Team Members: Laura Rocha (Wagner ‘20), Jose Daniel Ramirez, Luis Felipe Giraldo, Santiago Alvarez, Diana Prieto, Juan David Ramirez

Grounded Upcycling transforms "waste" into food. They upcycle spent coffee grounds into an array of mushroom growth products for at home growers and commercial mushroom farms.

Team Members: Parker Reposa (Gallatin ‘19), Marc de Konkoly Thege, Ben Blaustein (CAS ‘20), Craig Trester

Sabai creates sustainable furniture without the compromise. Sabai is affordable, flat-packed, quick shipped, and beautiful to boot.

Team Members: Phantila Phataraprasit (Law ‘20), Caitlin Ellen (Stern Langone ‘21)

The Thinkers provides an e-learning platform for high achieving teens (12-16 yrs old) who are seeking to strengthen executive functioning, communication, and future planning skills to build confidence, reach their dreams, and become independent thinkers.

Team Members: Rina Patel (Gallatin ‘20), Alexis Haut

Veccnet offers ubiquitous, ultra-reliable and low-latency connectivity, allowing drone service provider to control long-range delivery drones and ultimately reduce the risk of costly accidents.

Team Members: Kim Mahler (CUSP Postdoc), Tom Piechotta

War Locker creates distraction-free sports protection for combat sports athletes and other contact sports athletes.

Team Members: Stanley Chen (Stern MBA ‘21), Kyle Yang (Stern MBA ‘21)

xIris provides AI video monitoring and analytics to help local owned grocery store managers maintain customer safety and satisfaction amid COVID-19 reopening.

Team Members: Micheal Bingham (CAS ‘21), David Slakter (Tandon ‘21), An (Eric) Liu


Meet the Summer Startup Sprint teams

Join us in welcoming the 3rd cohort of Summer Startup Sprint! A record 17 teams!

This Summer, the Startup Sprint will offer NYU teams the opportunity to get funding and test the value of their potential solutions. The Sprint is a 2-week customer discovery and mentorship intensive.

The Startup Sprint is designed to support those who have an idea, perhaps formed a team, or have a project they’ve been working on. Through this intensive, NYU entrepreneurs can begin to really build out their startups. Perks of the program include:

  • A $1,000 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $1,500 in additional funding
  • $5,000 credit from Amazon Web Services
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick + West
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • Lots of startup skills workshops
  • And much more!

We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams this summer!

AMGO: A video-on-demand mobile application that allows African movie studio to distribute new movies to the millions of African movie lovers across the continent and beyond.

Team Members: Nana Osei Aboagye (Tandon ‘20), Jeremiah Ashie, Kingfard Tutu Workplace Collaboration Software for organizations to accelerate the adoption of new ways of working

Team Members: Duri Chitayat (Stern ‘21), Holly KC

dotchat: SaaS training platform for businesses. We produce content and learning modules that help employees master their work tools.

Team Members: Temirlan Nugmanov (Gallatin ‘20), Joshua Tiernan

Cartographr: An augmented reality mobile application that helps fantasy role-playing gamers to create and share 3D worlds in physical space to improve game immersion and save game preparation time.

Team Members: Joanna Liu (Steinhardt 2020), Andrew Liang (Tandon ‘22), Rivelle Levine (Steinhardt ‘21), Charles Chan (Tandon ‘21)

CoStudy: Helps students connect in real life and reach their full academic potential. CoStudy takes the challenge out of group scheduling and lets students focus on what matters - content, not finding time to meet.

Team Members: Neev Mittal (Courant ‘22), Brock Nelson, Wyatt Greiner, Henry Kaufman


Maxwell: We are building a fully automated and self-adjusted transcranial ultrasound device with novel hardware design and the accompanying software to measure the cerebral hemodynamics used in the detection of the stroke.

Team Members: Mehran Baboli (Langone Health Postdoc), Azadeh Sharafi (Langone Health Research Scientist)

Repose: A posture health system that allows users to recognize and target the tension in their body when sitting or standing for long periods of time through a low-profile wearable and companion app.

Team Members: Matthew Stirling (Steinhardt ‘21), Runa Koli (Steinhardt ‘23)

She Matters: A social media app designed to promote mental wellness among postpartum Black women, ages 25 to 50,  who experience mental stress and live in metropolitan areas. We offer wellness options through community, resources and therapy.

Team Members: Jade Kearney (Steinhardt ‘20), Marguerite Pierce, Dwayne Peltier

SheSpoke Suits: Building confidence in, and empowering students who identify as women in Bachelors and Masters level B-School programs with an ultra-feminine, modern take on the traditional suit.

Team Members: Brittany Leach (Wagner ‘19), Priyanka Khemka (Stern ‘21), Yolanda Rayside (Wagner ‘20), Arahant Ashok Kumar (Courant ‘20)

ShockTalk: Decreases adverse mental health effects by focusing on healing unresolved historical and intergenerational trauma through increasing access to culturally appropriate services, resources and content.

Team Members: Sutton King (GPH’20), Austin Serio (Gallatin ‘19)

Stumped: An online platform strengthening school communities with authentic student-teacher relationships in high schools. Positive, genuine relationships decrease dropout rates, increase attendance, and stimulate motivation inside and outside the classroom.

Team Members: Eli Taylor-Lemire (Tisch ‘23), Jeffrey Kravitz, Thomas Ross

INVIYT: For women that are passionate about travel and prefer traveling in groups, Travel Match is an app that connects women based on budget, destination and psychographics.

Team Members: Aliyah Brooks (Stern ‘21), Victoria Montenegro (Gallatin ‘21)

Tulii Skincare: Offers holistic treatment for skin conditions, using our proprietary formulation, with efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind.

Team Members: Margaret Ackah-Yensu (Wagner ‘21), George Butcher

Tunestack: A social networking app focused around music reviews & discovery.

Team Members: Sam Winslow (Steinhardt ‘21), Leo Lindo, Maurice Landers III

Veccnet: Offers connectivity to autonomous drone operating beyond visual line of sight. Our tech leverages the prioritized voice channel of any mobile network for reliable and low-latency communication.

Team Members: Kim Mahler (CUSP Postdoc), Tom Piechotta

xIris: Real-time video surveillance monitored 24/7 by AI. Iris uses computer vision to detect criminal and suspicious activity in surveillance cameras in real-time to quickly identify and report them.

Team Members: Micheal Bingham (CAS ‘21), David Slakter (Tandon ‘21), An (Eric) Liu