Meet the Teams: Tech Venture Competition Semi-Finalists!

The Technology Venture Competition, part of the larger $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge, is down to its semi-finalist startup teams!

About the Tech Venture Competition:

Each year, NYU students, faculty and researchers create scores of cutting edge inventions across the information technology, life science and energy sectors. The NYU Technology Venture Competition, sponsored by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, serves as a catalyst for the formation of new and the acceleration of existing early-stage startups based on these exciting innovations. Winners share a $100,000 prize.

Meet the Teams:

Advanced Bone Health is measuring bone strength for osteoporosis patients in 3D.

Founded by: Gregory Chang (Medicine Faculty) & Chamith Rajapakse


Envirobe is fighting expanding landfills with plastic-eating microbes.

Founded by: Samuel Magaziner (Medicine '25) & Manyung Hon


Kooick is reinventing the vending machine experience into one step grab and go.

Founded by: Davi Geiger (Courant Faculty) & Wendy Lin (CAS '11)


MLTrons is replacing the need for data scientists with predictive analytics for small to medium businesses.

Founded by: Muddassar Sharif (Shanghai '18), Raheel Ahmad (Shanghai '17) & Bilal Munawar (Shanghai '21)


Portable Diagnostic Systems is supporting law enforcement with roadside DUI drug detection.

Founded by: Glennon Simmons (Dentistry Staff), Sayli Modak (Dentistry '15) & Michael McRae


Problems Solution Technology, PST Inc. is simplifying the dental implant process to save dentists and patients time and expense.

Founded by: Takahito Kakumoto (Dentistry '20), Yung Cheng Paul Yu (Dentistry Faculty) & Sang-Choon Cho (Dentistry Faculty)


The other two tracks of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge, the New Venture Competition and the Social Venture Competition, are also filled with innovative startups like Bloc (past Summer Launchpad participant), Sabai Design (past Startup Sprint participant), and War Locker (past Startup Bootcamp participant). See the full list of $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge semi-finalist startups here!