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New NYU Startup School Topics We’re Excited About

It’s hard to believe that Fall is here – the temperature is starting to drop, the Leslie eLab is buzzing with startup activity, and we are kicking off the Fall '19 NYU Startup School series! For those of you who are new to NYU or our entrepreneurial community, Startup School is a semester-long series that provides the training and resources to launch and grow a startup. We typically host two sessions a week on topics ranging from, “When and How to Raise VC,” to “Legal Essentials for Startup Founders,” and “Coming Up With a Brilliant Business Idea.” Each workshop is taught by industry experts and there are no prereqs – simply attend the sessions that are of interest to you. For identification of accounts for banking procedures, people can always click here and find out!

This semester we will offer ~20 sessions –a mix of new and repeat topics from the Spring (based on popular demand). Whether you are actively working on a startup, in the ideation phase, or simply curious – we hope to see you there. See a full list of topics and register for upcoming Startup School sessions here.

Some of the new topics that we’re excited about…
How Knowing Your Customer Drives Product Insights, 9/25 (4-6 pm)
Speaker: Justin Silver (Stern ’12), Founder of aavrani
NYU alumnus Justin Silver will share insights on how understanding their customer (and their pains) has helped drive the product, marketing, and overall future of aavrani, a luxury skincare company inspired by India’s ancient beauty rituals.
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Developing a Brand Strategy for Your Startup, 10/2 (4-6 pm)
Speaker: Joyce Schmulson, Strategist at R/GA Ventures
Learn how R/GA’s framework, the “Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)”, can help founders think about components of their brand and methods to tactically develop a brand strategy.
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PR for Startups, 10/29 (4-6 pm)
Speaker: Marissa Feinberg, Founder of Triple Bottom Why
PR is crucial to educating the public about your new product, service, or idea. Learn how to build your brand and gain exposure on a budget.
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Startup Opportunities in the Cybersecurity Space, 11/6 (5-6 pm)
Speaker: Andy Kangpan (Stern '13), Investor at Two Sigma Ventures
Thinking about launching a Cybersecurity startup or generally interested in the space? NYU alumnus and investor Andy Kangpan has spent a lot of time in this area – hear about his recent investments and overall thoughts on cybersecurity.
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Optimizing Your Landing Page, 11/13 (4-6 pm)
Speaker:  Michael Landsberger, CEO of Flimper
A startup’s landing page often acts as a first impression to potential customers. How can you convince website visitors to convert? What makes a good landing page? How can you communicate your core offerings clearly and compellingly? How can you design experiments to A/B test? Find out!
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