Meet the teams pitching at NYU Startup Demo Day!

Next Thu, Sept 12 from 5:00 - 7:00PM at NYU Stern, Paulson Aud, will be one of the only opportunities for all students and faculty to come and see some of the most promising startups coming out of two top NYU programs, Summer Launchpad and Stern Venture Fellows, present to the public in the NYU Demo Day.

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Summer Launchpad

Bloc: learning management software to help directors of upskilling organizations solve low job placement rates by improving their analog processes like resume creation, review, and client intake.

Team: Riley Jones (Law ‘20), Amina Yamusah

Curtain: helping urban singles looking for meaningful relationships identify chemistry with potential matches prior to meeting in real life by providing them with new tools that bring human interaction to dating in the digital age

Team: Brenden Strauss (SPS ‘20), Ben Honig, Lexi Strauss

ChoreBug: an online platform that connects community involved locals looking to get odd jobs done around their home, to local high school students looking for flexible work in the area.

Team: Avante Price (Stern ‘22), Jenni Funt (Tandon ‘22)

GigFinesse: Booking gigs is a flawed, laborious process for both artists and venues. GigFinesse streamlines talent booking for up and coming artists and small to medium sized venues by eliminating the hurdles both parties face by maximizing revenue, saving time and increasing exposure.

Team: Mir Hwang (CAS ‘19), Jong Wook Kim

Merciless Motors: developing an electric motor technology that is 50% lighter, 33% smaller, 5-10% more efficient, for innovators in electric vehicle manufacturing, in order to increase vehicle range and reduce manufacturing costs.

Team: Nader Ahmed (Tandon ‘19), Anna Eva Kotyza (Gallatin ‘19)

Miranda: providing a data mining tool that gives p&c independent insurance agents/broker access to a wealth of information about their leads, prospects and policyholders in one single place to help them pre-qualify leads, understand their prospects, speed up the quoting process and grow their business.
Team: Sara Liu (Stern ‘22), Alberto Chierici (Tandon ‘22)

PIVOTtag: PIVOTtag is a technology company that enables hoteliers to reduce labor costs, manage inventory, and provide the optimal guest experience through an easy and frictionless luggage check-in system.

Team: Emily Long (SPS ‘20),

SeaStraws: Provides nationwide distributors and individual restaurants with sustainable products that minimize environmental impact. SeaStraws won the 2019 NYU $300K Competition’s Social Venture track.

Team: Antonio Di Meglio (Stern ‘20), Sophie Kennedy (CAS ‘19), Echo Chen (Gallatin ‘20)

Stern Venture Fellows

Kyle Bergman: CEO of The Great Fantastic. Its mission is to make the world’s comfiest apparel using sustainable resources and ethical practices.

Drew Enyedi: Co-founder of Grounded Upcycling, collects spent coffee grounds from coffee shops and upcycles them into cosmetic products.

Yiannis Goika: CEO of Verge. Capital, provides a universal credit score for Europe that drives fair access to credit.

Trisha Goyal: CEO of Break the Love, a community driven tennis app connecting players with rallies and matches powered by a marketplace of players and courts.

Maxwell Grove, Head of Product of Revelio Labs, provides labor market analytics to enable smarter decision making.

Colin Horsford, COO of CurbGenie, allows travelers to return their rental cars at the airport’s curbside.

Daniel Hyun, CMO of Exchange, provides on-demand technical interview training.

Goni Light, CEO of SoCo, which seeds a healthy change through gourmet plant-based products direct-to-customers.

Jaime Mendal, CEO of Crafted Kibble, a subscription platform that delivers customized pre portioned kibble pouches.

Ilse Paanakker, CEO of Habit House, empowering people to live their best lives by holding them accountable to making behavioral changes via 1:1 text messages.

Rachel Serwetz, CEO of WOKEN, a candidate-focused career platform that educates and motivates job seekers to explore and reflect on their career interests.