Entrepreneurial Institute

Introducing the 2019 Summer Launchpad Teams

Join us in congratulating the NYU startup teams comprising the 7th cohort of the NYU Summer Launchpad accelerator!

Over 90 teams applied to participate in the program, from all over the university. This year’s teams will benefit from an incredible array of resources and perks, as they build out their ventures in this 9-week program. This includes:

  • Up to $10,000 in grant funding
  • $15,000 in professional services and software, including pro-bono incorporation & legal counsel from McCarter & English, cloud computing credits from Amazon Web Services, accounting and tax advice from EisnerAmper, and more
  • Preferred pricing payroll and benefits from TriNet and space at WeWork
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • Lots of startup skills workshops
  • 24/7 co-working space at the Leslie eLab
  • And much more!

We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams this summer!



Bloc provides a management platform for soft skills training that utilizes smart career tools to help workforce programs prepare their talent for the future of work.

Founders: Riley Jones (Law '20), Amina Yamusah


ChoreBug provides a web platform that connects high-school students looking for part time work to community members near them for help with odd jobs.

Founders: Avante Price (Stern '22), Jenni Funt (Tandon '22), Oliver Leopold

Curtain Inc.

Curtain is creating a mobile dating application with the mission of bringing face-to-face human interaction to dating in the digital age.

Founders: Brenden Strauss (SPS '20), Ben Honig, Alexa Strauss


GigFinesse is helping both music venues and artists maximize their exposure and revenue through an online gig booking platform that streamlines the process for all parties.

Founders: Mir Hwang (CAS '19), Kim Jong Wook

Merciless Motors

Merciless Motors is building a new, improved electric motor technology that is 50% lighter, 33% smaller in size, and 5-10% more efficient than current motors.

Founders: Anna Kotyza (Gallatin '19), Nader Ahmed (Tandon '19)


Miranda is creating an intelligent web app that digitizes independent insurance agents’ front-desk operations by integrating chatbot framework with popular messaging apps and CRMs.

Founders: Sara Liu (Stern '22), Alberto Chierici (Tandon '22)


PIVOTtag create a personalized encoded tagging system that when scanned text the item’s owner instantly, for use by individual travelers and in hospitality venues.

Founders: Emily Long (SPS '20), Arahant Ashok Kumar (Courant '20)


SeaStraws is a sustainable products company, providing nationwide distributors and individual restaurants with disposable, single-use paper products that minimize environmental impact.

Founders: Sophie Kennedy (CAS '19), Antonio DiMeglio (Stern ‘20), Echo Chen (Gallatin '20)


Synchealth provides an end to end personalized marketplace for patients seeking appointments at a clinic, and a lead generation and patient intake platform for providers.

Founders: Alexis Trevizo (Tandon ‘18), Farwa Iftikhar (Tandon '18), Param Kulkarni