Announcing J-Term Startup Sprint class of 2019!

Please welcome the next rising NYU startups, who will be participating in this January’s second annual January-Term Startup Sprint accelerator, led by the team at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.

These 14 teams were selected from 60 applications, and are tackling meaningful challenges across diverse sectors from real estate to healthcare, music, and social impact. Participants represent 10 NYU schools, with the highest numbers from the NYU College of Arts & Science, Tandon School of Engineering, and Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.


Curtain Call

  • Participants: Carissa Estilo (Undergrad, Steinhardt ‘20), Tanya Gupta (Undergrad, Tandon ‘19)
  • About: Curtain Call is a concert discovery platform where users can discover their local music scene for less.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp, Ignite


Elixir Booch

  • Participants: Armaan Ahmed (Undergrad, Gallatin ‘22), Jessica Willis (Masters, Steinhardt ‘19)
  • About: Elixir is an 8% ABV adult beverage fermented from kombucha that blends the buzz of drinking with the growing trend for mindful consumption to help people imbibe responsibly.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp



  • Participants: Abhiroop CVK (Undergrad, Tandon ‘19), Rashid Aziz (Undergrad, Tandon ‘19)
  • About: Simple real estate transactions.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp, Ignite, VC Pitchfest



  • Participants: Mir Hwang (Undergrad, CAS '19), Ryan Kim
  • About: Booking music gigs is a flawed, laborious process for both artists and venues. GigFinesse will streamline this process by eliminating all the hurdles both parties face.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp, VC Pitchfest (Winner)



  • Participants: Kanishk Gandhi (Masters, Tandon ‘20), Mittal Rana (Undergrad, CAS ‘18), Nikita Jerschow (Undergrad, CAS ‘19)
  • About: App for your road to recovery. Physical therapy exercises tailored for hip surgery post-op care.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp, Healthcare Makerthon (Finalist)



  • Participants: Abdulrazakh Abdirahman (Masters, Wagner ‘19), Thanisa Pariage (Masters, Wagner ‘20), William Coit (Masters, Wagner ‘21)
  • About: Welcoming and servicing the population of men and women reentering society after prison through an accessible and holistic website and service.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp


Polite Products

  • Participants: Hunter Jamison (Undergrad, CAS ‘20), Joyce Woo (Undergrad, CAS ‘20)
  • About: We're an e-commerce startup selling cannabidiol (CBD) supplements designed to help pets with behavioral issues such as fear, separation anxiety, and aggression.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp



  • Participants: AkshayKumar Kutty (Masters, Tandon ‘20), Chris Ren (Undergrad, Stern ‘22), Jordan Birnbaum (Masters, Tandon '19), Shubham Desai (Masters, Tandon '20),
  • About: Sonobar is a portable road scanner that can be attached to vehicles. As a vehicles drives, Sonobar generates real time data on the location and severity of potholes in order to increase road repair efficiency.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp



  • Participants: Alexis Trevizo (Undergrad, Tandon ‘18), Param Kulkarni (PostDoc, School of Medicine), Yada Pruksachatkun (Masters, Courant ‘20),
  • About: Synchealth is a Google Assistant for psychiatry patients who access healthcare services and a Bloomberg terminal for their providers.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp, Healthcare Makerthon


The Clipboard Project

  • Participants: Dana Elkis (Masters, Tisch ‘20), Lydia Jessup (Masters, Tisch ‘20), Matthew Ross (Masters, Tisch ‘20)
  • About: We believe that many people have a desire to contribute to civic life, but sometimes aren’t sure how. Our mission is to create technology tools that enable people to more easily and effectively do so.


Unetrics IM+M

  • Participants: Daniel Vitaletti (Masters, Wagner ‘19), Heather McGee (Masters, Wagner ‘19), Helen Sacco (Masters, Wagner ‘19)
  • About: Unetrics is a web-based application designed for impact funders and impact organizations to measure, manage, and report their social and environmental impacts in real-time.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp



  • Participants: Nicole Parada (Masters, Global Public Health, ‘20), Saim Kazmi (Undergrad, CAS ‘19)
  • About: Biometric shoe soles, for older adults with mild cognitive impairment, designed to detect early fall risk indicators through monitoring gait.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp, Healthcare Makerthon (Winner)



  • Participants: Liz Holden (Stern ‘19), Russell Lieberman (Stern ‘19), William Brower (Undergrad, CAS ‘21)
  • About: WiseWallet provides transparency on corporate behavior, empowering consumers to understand exactly what they are supporting in their everyday purchases.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp


Yo Stay Hungry

  • Participants: Airis Johnson, Syreeta Gates (Masters, Tisch ‘20)
  • About: Yo Stay Hungry is a culinary competition that fuses hip hop with food and beverage.
  • Participated In: Startup Bootcamp