Entrepreneurial Institute

Meet the Teams in the Summer Faculty Sprint

Please join us in congratulating the 13 NYU startup teams that will participate in the inaugural 2018 Summer Faculty Sprint!

During the week of August 27th, faculty entrepreneurs and their Ph.D./postdoc teams will embark on a 5-day intensive program where they will test the commercial potential of their research with customers and partners. By the end of the program, teams will have devised an evidence-based business case to compliment their technology.

Nearly 20 teams applied, representing 12 NYU schools and colleges and ventures ranging from biotechnology to transit. We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams!

CalRegen, Inc

A biotherapeutic, calreticulin, that induces tissue regeneration for the treatment of chronic wounds, hair regrowth, & facial wrinkles.

Founders: Leslie Gold (Faculty, School of Medicine), Chinaza Egbuta (Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Medicine), Miguel Manzanares (Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Medicine)


A mobility company serving people who live in NYC's transit deserts. We make the "dollar van" network accessible through tech.

Founders: Su Sanni, Eric Goldwyn (Adjunct Faculty, NYU Shanghai), Max Kim (BS, Tandon), KaRon Joyner


Solid state hydrogen storage technology for hydrogen fuel cell and fracking applications

Founders: Thomas Yu (Postdoctoral Fellow, Tandon), Miguel Modestino (Faculty, Tandon), Frank Vallese (Faculty, Tandon), Daniel Frey


Mobile application that personalizes behavior change for healthy sleep, diet and exercise

Founders: Azizi Seixas (Faculty, School of Medicine), Alicia Chung (Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Medicine)


A workflow-oriented,cloud-based SaaS that supports cataract surgery planning, providing data needed at each step of the process.

Founders: Habeeb Ahmad, Winnie Tsui, Lei Zheng, Aaron Mok

Revelio Labs

AI for Human Capital

Founders: Benjamin Zweig (Adjunct Faculty, Stern), Max Turowsky, Charlie Wang, Sakshat Kapoor


Pi-Radio's grand vision is to make our low-power fully-digital transceiver the de-facto communication technology for future mmWave radios.

Founders: Marco Mezzavilla (Postdoctoral Fellow, Tandon), Aditya Dhananjay (Postdoctoral Fellow, Tandon)


We are building site-specific, augmented reality audio experiences about art and culture through a mobile-enabled web application.

Founders: Tyler Bisson (MA, Steinhardt), Andre Kostiw-Gill (MA, Steinhardt), Diana Castro (Adjunct Faculty, Tandon)

Rezonn Biosystems

Rezonn is developing a biosensor system for high-throughput drug screening, in-vitro diagnostics, and enzyme assay.

Founders: Iwao Teraoka (Faculty, Tandon), Natalie Luo (BS, Tandon)

Spectra Wine Services

Providing producers with comprehensive data on the element composition of wine, reflecting contributions due to grape biology and processing

Founders: Timothy Bromage (Faculty, School of Dentistry), Sasan Rabieh (Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Dentistry), Khemet Calnek

staRt (Speech Therapist's App for Residual Error Treatment)

staRt is an app to help speech therapists eliminate treatment-resistant speech errors using real-time visual-acoustic biofeedback

Founders: Tara McAllister (Faculty, Steinhardt), Mario Svirsky (Faculty, School of Medicine), Tae Hong Park (Faculty, Steinhardt), Erin Doty, Helen Carey, John Riordan


Woken is a career management platform helping young adults figure out a career path they’ll like and guiding them through the job search process.

Founders: Rachel Serwetz (MBA, Stern), Xin Tong, Kalina Yingnan Deng


We have created a network of interconnected smartwatches to support rescue teams responding to cardiac arrests

Founders: Beno Oppenheimer (Faculty, School of Medicine), Adam LaPrad