Entrepreneurial Institute

Fall '17 Startup School Workshops Now Available on YouTube

Wondering how to make the most of your winter vacation while working on your startup? Look no further! Watch these Fall ‘17 Startup School workshops, now available on the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute YouTube channel.

Thanks to a partnership with the StartAD program at NYU Abu Dhabi, you can view the following workshops (each workshop is between 60-90 minutes long):

Getting to Product Market Fit Part 1 (video)

Getting to Product Market Fit Part 2 (video)

How to Build Products That Users Love (video)

When and How to Raise VC (video)

Sizing Up Your Market and Competition (video)

Acquiring Customers on a Budget  (video)

Catch up on these key workshops, get a head start over the winter holiday, and return to the Leslie eLab in 2018 ready to work! Startup School workshops will resume in Spring 2018 on weekday afternoons at the Leslie eLab. Check back here for updates on topics and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!