Live the entrepreneurial dream while at school

Founded by two Gallatin sophomores, Dan Cleary and Willy Wheeler, Up2Code is a startup app and web development agency.

Surrounded by bright, motivated students working on side projects involving software development, Dan and Willy decided to gather a core team to formalize themselves as an agency. As new minted entrepreneurs, the first couple of months relied on hours of cold phone calls, reaching out to prospective clients. In the beginning, it was tough to buy credibility without an extensive portfolio of work, but projects trickled in and our portfolio began to come together.

One of the first projects was a mobile app called Booklendr, that is providing college students a marketplace to trade, rent and sell textbooks. Booklendr is initially planning its beta launch in the hometown of its founder: Dallas, Texas.

In the span of six months, Up2Code has taken on a number of web development projects and assisted in mobile application design and development. To grow its portfolio, Up2Code collaborated with other designers and developers to work on larger projects. Now with an established portfolio of modern app and web projects, Up2Code is looking to take on projects from established and recognizable companies.

One important contribution to Up2Code’s progress was the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute. The Leslie eLab provided a place to hold meetings, converse with clients, and draw inspiration from other student entrepreneurs. On top of that, the staff working there were willing to engage with and help drive the success of Up2Code by providing ideas as to marketing the company. They have been particularly helpful in taking the time to consider possible lead sources that had not previously been thought of and have served as a source of inspiration.

If you are interested in learning more about Up2Code, or would like to discuss your own project, you can contact us at: