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NYU Healthcare Makerthon...What's That?

What’s a Makerthon?

A twist on the concept of a healthcare hackathon, Makerthon is where like-minded people get together to identify and create solutions to healthcare challenges.

What’s the Makerthon Weekend?

The Makerthon Weekend is where you will be immersed in the process of “innovating” to solve these challenges in healthcare.

However, if you say, “I love tech but I don't know anything about healthcare or innovation,” don’t worry! The goal of the Makerthon is to create cross-disciplinary teams to build software and hardware solutions and you will fit right in!

The Makerthon experience is about the RUSH that comes from the experiential opportunity to learn and to practice how to turn ideas into a reality. They say it’s a good way to learn real world skills.

What happens at the Healthcare Makerthon Weekend?

  • Work on a problem you’re excited about, with a team of like-minded folks
  • Experiential learning about how to take an idea from concept to creation
  • Ideate, iterate, and innovate with your team
  • Receive coaching from experts to help you develop and test your ideas

Do you get this much support in your routine?


Reaching outside the boundary of your routine, whether it's studying for your exam, writing grants, taking care of patients, doing clinical research or making discoveries, creativity happens outside your comfort zone and with cross disciplinary teams.

Check out blogs from prior participants about their experience here and here.

On Nov 18-20, you will get to solve the following BIG real world challenges in healthcare by working alongside with experts, friends, and colleagues. Learn about the challenges here:

  • Patient Engagement
    • Create a mobile-based solution to help clinicians prepare patients for surgery
    • Reimagine the laboratory notebook for the 21st century
    • Create a tool to faciliate complex clinical decisions for patient blood management
  • Patient Care
    • Design solutions to enable passive, low cost fall detection and/or prevention
    • Create remote monitory tools to help oncology patients share their symptoms and vitals with their doctors
    • Create solutions to help patients with Inflammatory Bowl Syndrome (IBS) to identify, monitor, or manage food triggers
    • Improve mother and infant healthcare through mobile technology
  • Communications
    • Design a platform help patients and medical staff at a clinic communicate
    • Design solutions to help patients stay on track with their physical therapy exercises
    • Reimagine the clinical trial process to give participants a better experience