Hi Everybody!

It's the last week of February and we are only two weeks away from the NYU Entrepreneurial Festival! NYUEF is the nations's biggest student organized entrepreneurs festival and attracts over 1000 students and entrepreneurs. We have an incredible line-up of speakers this year, including Mark Leslie (Leslie Ventures), Jason Finger (Seamless), and Jonathan Wolfson (Solarzyme). Make sure you don't miss it and get your tickets here.

Here at the Leslie eLab we have a busy week ahead of us, with a number of events that help NYU entrepreneurs build their skills, learn about doing business better, and directing customers and investors to your business. Check out this week's events to build your startup skills:

Tuesday, February 24
Creating Compelling Content - Storytelling for Impact
6:00pm - 7:30pm
You know your business, organization, or product have great potential but customers and supporters just won't bite? Maybe you need to tell your story differently - a lot of marketing and pitching success depends on telling your story well! Join Tyler Riewer, Content Strategist at charity: water, as he shares key aspect for crafting a compelling story that will impress supporters, customers, and investors alike!

Thursday, February 26
Introduction to Physical Computing
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Physical Computing is an approach to computer-human interaction design that starts by considering how humans express themselves physically. In this interactive workshop Surya Mattu will give you an introduction to microcontroller electronics, and you will  also learn how sensors and actuators work and how they are controlled by computers.


Hoping to see you all soon in the Leslie eLab,