Entrepreneurial Institute

Making Tracks Towards Building a Startup

This semester at the NYU Leslie eLab we're offering skills tracks that will allow you to develop the deep knowledge you need to be a founder of an impactful startup. These tracks: maker, legal, money, design, social, and lean will allow you to bring the skills you need in-house and move faster and cheaper with your startup. These classes can all be taken as one-offs or you can choose to take the entire track depending on what role you want to fill at a startup. We've got some great speakers lined up so stay tuned.

Sneak peek at some this semester's offerings:


  • Drawing for a Laser Cutter
  • Making music with Arduinos
  • Building a Drop-cam and other sensors
  • How not to break things


  • Intro to JS front end
  • Super quick and easy ways to make a website for your company
  • Intro to Git: building out a coding team
  • Building a photo sharing app Swift and Parse


  • When to Incorporate My Company
  • Filing Your Own Patents
  • Founder Equity Splits
  • Immigration Law


  • Raising a Seed Round
  • Crowdfunding: Lecture and Panel


  • Design Thinking
  • Designs that Resonate
  • UX for Lean


  • What’s Next: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Storytelling for Impact
  • Measuring Impact: How to make sure your business does good
  • Human Centered Design


  • Idea Generation and Lean Analytics
  • Growth Hacking
  • When Startups Go Wrong