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Check Out The Latest NYU Entrepreneurs Festival Videos on YouTube!

NYU seems to be place for anything entrepreneurship lately. Whether it is a thousand person festival full of engaging movers and shakers, or an intimate workshop with hands-on mentors, NYU is providing those experiences. So the only downside is that you have to be physically there, but that’s changing with the new NYU Entrepreneurs Media Youtube channel. Miss a lecture because you were bootstrapping your company, no problem watch it online. Miss a pioneer of the tech scene inspiring a huge audience, no problem watch it online. Technology is the driving force behind the exponential growth of the entrepreneurial spirit and it should be no surprise that we should translate these experiences into the virtual ones. Check out the newest flavors of entrepreneurial media by watching the three keynotes from the latest NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.


Glen De Vries - Medidata



Jeff Dachis – Razorfish



John Johnson - Buzzfeed