The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute actively engages in conversations and events to support women in entrepreneurship. Our #NYUFemaleFounders initiative offers monthly “lunch & learn” panels, networking events, and other special opportunities and resources to help NYU female founders grow or scale their startup.

We’re happy to recognize the female founders who have been a part of the Institute! Here are a few statistics we’re particularly proud of:

We hope to continue to offer impactful content and resources to support female founders and women working in STEAM. If you have an idea for an event, a talk, or a speaker who you think could support this initiative, please let us know by emailing entrepreneur@nyu.edu.

If you are a female entrepreneur who seeks coaching, mentorship, and feedback for your idea, you can connect with one of our many Blackstone LaunchPad mentors by booking an appointment on our website.

  • Upcoming NYU Events

    No matter where you are on your startup journey, #NYUFemaleFounders is a surefire way to start up in style with other like-minded individuals. Current NYU students, faculty, postdocs and researchers looking to engage in a community of women-led startups are welcome to participate. Individuals that identify as female or just interested in the community are welcome to RSVP to events and programs.

    There are no current upcoming events.

    Past Events include:

    #NYUFemale Founders Networking & Kickoff - 1/26/18

    #NYUFemaleFounders Lunch & Networking kickoff - 9/18

    #NYUFemaleFounders Startup Bootcamp - 9/25

    #NYUFemaleFounders Breakfast with Quesnay - 10/26

    #NYUFemaleFounders Lunch & Learn with Rent the Runway Foundation's Project Entrepreneur - 10/27