Innovation Venture Fund

The Innovation Venture Fund provides seed capital to help especially promising NYU founders scale their startups. Together with co-investors, the evergreen Fund provides needed capital, contacts with the entrepreneurial and venture communities, and practical management and marketing expertise to help NYU students, faculty and researchers transform ideas and inventions into thriving companies.

NYU's seed-stage venture capital fund invests exclusively in startups founded by, and/or commercializing technologies and intellectual property developed by, current NYU students, faculty, and researchers.

Learn more about our investment criteria below.

To request a meeting with our team and be considered for funding, submit a venture profile.

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    Founded in 2010, the NYU Innovation Venture Fund provides seed capital to launch startups based on technologies developed by the students, faculty and researchers while at NYU. The Fund will provide needed capital, contacts with the entrepreneurial and venture communities, and just as important, practical management and marketing expertise to transform NYU ideas and inventions into successful, growing companies.


    The Fund makes approximately three to four investments per year in partnership with other angel investors and venture capital firms. The Fund will recycle investment returns from the successful sale of portfolio companies back into the University to finance further research and future ventures.
  • Criteria & Guidelines
    This opportunity is open to startups founded by current students, faculty, and researchers at any NYU school, college, or institute.


    The Fund seeks early stage businesses with inventions, discoveries, products or services that were developed in whole or in part at NYU, that have achieved proof of concept (or a prototype) and are ready for commercial product development. The fund does not invest in projects requiring further basic research.

    The Fund will consider proposals using the following evaluation criteria:

    • Technology has achieved proof of concept or prototype and is ready for commercial product development
    • Technology has important and sustainable points of differentiation
    • Identifiable customer(s) with a compelling value proposition
    • Viable regulatory approval and reimbursement strategy, if applicable
    • Market able to sustain $50 million/yr revenues within 5 yrs of market entry
    • Logical mechanism for transferring key know-how and IP
    • Investment required for exit is in the $1s or $10s of millions, not $100s
    • Business capable of generating venture scale returns (5-10x return on invested capital)
    • Founders with key skills & experience committed to venture success

    Don’t worry if you don’t know if you meet all the criteria laid out above. We will help you more fully assess the merits of your opportunity and connect you with the resources you need to progress your venture. Please reach out to us if you’re considering raising seed capital.

  • Portfolio Companies
  • Submission Guidelines
    To be considered, please carefully read the submission criteria and fill out a Venture Profile using the prompts below. Keep in mind this is intended to provide a preliminary overview of your concept and that an investment decision will not be made based solely upon the content of your profile.


    New Venture Concept

    • What existing problem/condition does your solution address and how is it addressed today/what is the standard of care?
    • Describe how this technology will be applied to create a product or service?
    • What makes your product/service unique and why might customers/patients buy or use it?
    • Who are the potential users/customers and buyers/payers for this, and how big is the market opportunity?

    Technology and Intellectual Property (IP)

    • What is the technology at the core of this venture?
    • What is the background of the invention/discovery and who are the principal investigators/developers?
    • What supporting data/evidence do you have that your invention/discovery works as claimed
    • What IP protection exists (provisional patents, patents, copyright, know-how, trade secrets, etc.) if any?
    Business Model

    • What are the potential sources of revenue for your venture (what is your business model) and which do you intend to pursue first?
    • How can you scale this into a large business (what is your sales & marketing strategy)?

    Competitive Analysis

    • Who/what are the existing and potential competitive alternatives to your solution?
    • What is your sustainable competitive advantage/barriers to entry?

    Regulatory Pathways (if applicable)

    • Describe the potential regulatory pathways (510K, PMA, OTC product, etc.) and any predicate devices if applicable.
    • Outline key clinical studies required to get regulatory approval.

    Management Team

    • What are the current team's qualifications for executing your plan?
    • What are the key skills and areas of expertise you need to add to the team?