Lessons Learned: Reimagining Healthcare in the Startup World

Ross Kopelman is Co-founder of  and President & Student Technology Chair of the NYU Entrepreneur Network. Ross is studying Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship at NYU Poly.


On March 31st, students, physicians, and entrepreneurs gathered at NYU’s Leslie eLab for a discussion with StartUp Health Co-founder & CEO, Steven Krein, about the reimagination of healthcare in the startup world. So, what do entrepreneurs need to know about breaking into the digital health space?


  1. Passion, not Experience is Mandatory

With a law degree and two successful tech companies under his belt, Steve’s first experience in the health space came from launching with his co-founder Unity Stoakes. Throughout this process, the two realized the difficulty of launching a startup in the healthcare space and became passionate about the huge opportunity for disruption in the industry.


  1. Support is Key

Since Steve didn’t come from a healthcare background, he surrounded himself with team of advisors and peers that did. The value of these connections were one of the founding principles for StartUp Health Academy which utilizes a peer network to increase the equity value of its startups.


  1. A Solid Co-Founder Will Get You Place

When asked about his top advice for entrepreneurs and physicians looking to start a company in the digital health space, he spoke about finding a co-founder that will be the peanut butter to your jelly. “Everyone should have a Unity,” he noted.


If you're interested in pursuing a startup in the healthcare space, please look into Startup Health Academy, a global, long-term coaching program and trusted peer network focused on increasing the equity value of its startups.