Entrepreneurial Institute

#NYUEF - My First NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

Cadence Daniels is in her first undergraduate year at NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering studying Integrated Digital Media, Computer Science, and Math. She is an intern at the Entrepreneurial Institute and plans to build a career around the world of Interactive Interface Design and User Experience. 

This year, I had the pleasure of participating in the 4th Annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival as a Co-Lead for Tech.

Early undergraduates are given the advice to find a community that they can see themselves growing from. New to the world of entrepreneurship, I can see that this NYU community is one that celebrates its leaders throughout all stages of hardship and triumph. From a handy volunteer to a star speaker, and even a creative with a fancy camera, the Festival is a celebration built on prospect: prospect of connection, prospect of aid and prospect of leadership.

There's something fascinating about working behind the scenes on something established long before you've arrived. I am honored to immerse myself into a community that takes as much pride in their failures as it does in their successes. I congratulate those who, thanks to NYUEF, have embraced their stories. My own is far from complete, but I know where it has started.