How will your work change you?

It’s sunday night, I’m organizing and trying to knock out miscellaneous tasks. I find myself in a folder of digital things I’ve collected that I love, and thought this would be a great one to share. I don’t know who made it.

I enjoy being an entrepreneur for a few reasons, but the one most prevalent at the moment is that I get to control the influences in my life and how I live.

When I led Stern’s Entrepreneurial Exchange Group, I remember young students that were interested in entrepreneurship to make money and those with a specific idea or skill they want to take to the masses. That’s completely fine, but in line with this quote, I just want to call attention to the fact that everyday we will do work of some kind, entrepreneur or not, so we should do work that crafts and contributes to the person we want to be. Work influences how we act, what we think, how we think, what we desire, where we go. We must consider how our work will change us, in addition to the outcomes we expect of our time and commitment.

If you don’t like how your work is influencing you, do something about it.