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NYU Entrepreneurial Institute's 20-21 Year in Review

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Now that the ’20-21 academic year has come to an end, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute team has reflected on the great challenges, and even greater accomplishments of the past year. In face of unprecedented uncertainty and upheaval, NYU student, faculty, staff, and researcher entrepreneurs have found the strength to innovate and persevere. In order to address their needs, the Institute has launched 3 new programs (the Female Founders Fellowship, the First Generation to College Founders Fellowship, and the Tech Venture Workshop), held online workshops and coaching sessions, continued to lead our startup accelerator series, and more! While we look forward to returning to in person activities and the exciting energy at the Leslie eLab (reopening soon!), we are proud of the work we've done, and impressed by the startups we've worked with in the last 12 months.

Through the infographic below, get a glimpse of what we’ve been up to, who we served and what these remarkable founders achieved.

infographic with data from the 20-21 school year

2020-2021 Year in Review by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute: 3 Programs launched including 12 Female Founders Fellows, 13 First Generation to College Founders Fellows, and 35 NYU Tech Venture Workshop Startups. We held 25 workshops with 1,193 attendees, coached 595 startups, and held 1,500+ zoom sessions. We accepted 136 startups in our accelerators (Tech Venture Workshop, Startup Bootcamp, Startup Sprint, Summer Launchpad), 25 of which are generating revenue. 33% of these are mission-based startups, 18% have a black/indigenous founder, and 72% have a POC founder. Founders include masters and undergrad students, faculty, alumni, PhDs, staff, and postodc/researchers, and are split almost evenly between men and women. Student and alumni founders come from Stern, Tandon, Steinhardt, Tisch, CAS, Gallatin, SPS, Wagner, Dentistry, GSAS, Abu Dhabi, and more.