Nourish & Refine

Nourish and Refine empowers you to practice self-care through all-natural and conscious wellness products.


  • Nikki Powers (Stern '21) |
  • Matt Powers |



Drinking straws made of compostable paper as well as reusable stainless steel and silicone that aim to cut the amount of plastic entering our oceans.


  • Sophie Kennedy (CAS '19) |
  • Echo Chen (Gallatin '20) |
  • Antonio DiMeglio (Stern '20) |



Relay Response

Enabling code response teams to respond competently to cardiac arrests.


  • Beno Oppenheimer (Langone faculty) |
Startup Accelerator Series

Our Startup Accelerator Series provides sequenced skills-development and support to advance NYU startup teams to the next level, powered by evidence-based insight and mentorship. Whether you're a team with an idea, a prototype, or a commercially-tested product or service, the award-winning Accelerator Series has something for you. The Series begins with customer discovery in the Startup Bootcamp and continues with a fast and furious Startup Sprint. Finally, the Summer Launchpad positions teams for growth and matches them with vital funding, mentorship, and other critical resources.

If you've already met with one of our startup coaches and are ready to take your venture to the next level, read on...

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    Each program in the Accelerator Series is custom-fit to NYU startups at different stages, offering access to greater resources and intensity as you progress from one to the next.

    Startup Bootcamps

    • Who: Teams of 1 NYU member (preference for teams of 2+) with an idea or prototype
    • What: 2-day Customer Development Primer
    • When: 2-3 times per Fall and Spring semesters + 1 over the Summer semester
    • Why: Begin to test your ideas and assumptions in the real world
    • Perks: 1:1 coaching and mentorship, and improved odds of getting into a Startup Sprint, pre-requisite for Female Founders Fellowship

    Startup Sprint

    • Who: Teams of 2 or more (≥1 must be currently at NYU) with early prototype or product
    • What: 2-Week Customer Development & Business Model Intensive
    • When: One Sprint during January Term and one Sprint in late May/June (right after graduation)
    • Why: Develop your business model and get to Problem-Solution Fit
    • Perks: Daily 1:1 coaching and guidance, up to $500 grant plus an optional $500 in follow-on funding, $5,000 in AWS credits, priority access to VC & legal office hours, and improved odds of getting into Summer Launchpad!

    Summer Launchpad

    • Who: Teams of 2 or more (≥1 must be currently at NYU) with a product or service that is ready for launch or already in the market seeking growth. Priority consideration for teams that already participated in a Startup Sprint
    • What: 9-week Startup Accelerator
    • When: Every Summer (starts in early/mid June through early/mid August)
    • Why: Customer validation, acquisition & growth
    • Perks: $10,000 non-dilutive grant, mentorship from NYC entrepreneurs and investors, pitch at exclusive investor demo day, pro-bono (free) incorporation & legal counsel, free banking, accounting & tax advice, $10,000 in AWS credits, and more.

    Faculty Teams

    While faculty are encouraged to take part in any of the accelerator programs, we have specific programs designed for faculty, PhD and postdoc led teams who are interested in commercializing research. If that's you, please check out the Tech Venture Workshop program.

  • What's Next?

    Visit the respective programs pages (links above) for each program in the Accelerator Series to learn more, and set up an appoint with one or our startup coaches if you have not already.

    Dates and deadlines will be provided on each page, but you can also sign up for our newsletter for the latest.

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