Blackstone LaunchPad at NYU

Blackstone LaunchPad is a campus based entrepreneurship program designed to support and coach aspiring NYU entrepreneurs –students, researchers, faculty and staff – regardless of major, experience,  discipline, or NYU school affiliation.

Be a part of the Blackstone LaunchPad community and get access to a network of venture coaches to receive valuable guidance.

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    Blackstone LaunchPad is new entrepreneurship initiative at NYU that supports aspiring entrepreneurs at every stage of the startup journey. Whether you just came up with a concept an hour ago or have thought about it for years, Blackstone LaunchPad gives you - students, faculty, researchers and staff - access to a global network of entrepreneurs, venture coaches and industry experts to help your venture launch and scale.

    Blackstone LaunchPad at NYU offers a variety of resources to support NYU startups at all stages of development including:

    • 1:1 Coaching: Meet with coaches and advisors from inside and outside NYU to get the guidance you need
    • Community: Share knowledge and best practices, post jobs, and find team members for your venture
    • Resources & Deals: Get exclusive access to deals to help you get started, from software development to online courses
    • Online Tools: Use specialized applications and tools to help your startup get off the ground
  • Who Can Participate

    Anyone currently at NYU can take advantage of the resources offered by the Blackstone LaunchPad program:

    • Current NYU students, faculty, researchers, staff
    • No prior experience with entrepreneurship necessary
    • Startups at all stages of development
  • Blackstone LaunchPad Coaches
    Ali Heron

    Consumer engineering & product development specialist for tech companies

    Amy Rosen

    Edtech & nonprofit resource development strategist

    Bryan Spielman

    Healthcare technologist with deep experience in business and partnership development

    Eric Martinez

    Brand designer for early-stage growth hacking & customer acquisition

    Glen Senk

    Retail & e-commerce expert helping new businesses find product-market fit

    Greg Slamowitz

    Healthcare, B2B & policy expert with focus on business strategy

    Harvey Homan

    Experienced biotech, pharmaceuticals & medical devices funding strategist

    Jay D Kranzler

    Biotech leader focused on operational growth, fundraising & partnership strategies

    Jeffrey Silverman

    Angel investor with deep media sales & marketing expertise

    Jennifer Bryne

    Technologist with focus on mobile, media, and financial services

    Jennifer van der Meer

    Product-market fit strategist skilled in creating business & revenue models

    Jeremy Block

    Strategist with focus on digital health and big data

    Jim Kelliher

    Accounting and revenue generation pragmatist focused on software companies

    Joanna Schneier

    Education product development, operational efficiency & marketing professional

    Katie Shea

    Serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant and angel investor

    Lucas Nelson

    Engineer, product development and fundraising expert

    Mark Pinney

    Finance operations specialist growing startups & consulting on venture funding

    Nayeem Hussain

    Internet of things business strategist and product developer

    Noah Dinkin

    Audience development and influential brand marketing practitioner

    Rob Fassino

    Lifestyle business expert focused on analytics, product & audience development

    Ryan Jacoby

    Products and services expert executing design thinking & brand positioning strategies

    Seung Shin

    Biotechnologist, product development and management practitioner

    Tom Weingarten

    Cross-platform engineer and product development specialist

    Vicki Fulop

    eCommerce public relations and social marketing expert

    Vince Passione

    Revenue generation pro focused on profitability, technical infrastructure & growth

    Vivek Ragavan

    Engineering leader for new media & SaaS based businesses

    Vlad Vukicevic

    Fine arts and media strategist focused on growth