Meet the Fall '20 Prototyping Fund Teams!

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The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace are pleased to announce the Fall 2020 Prototyping Fund cohort!

The objectives of Prototyping Fund are to: provide student teams with the support and resources necessary to build prototypes, help articulate and/or move to the next stage of product development and encourage multidisciplinary collaboration between students at NYU. Phase I of the NYU Prototyping Fund awards teams up to $500 to be used to build and test prototypes. This semester, 9 teams were selected representing 6 NYU schools and totaling over $3,000 dollars!

On Thursday, October 8th, the cohort convened online to initiate the program. In this session, we delved into different prototyping techniques and explored the "why" and "how" of prototyping. Regardless of whether teams are engaged in physical or digital prototyping, the fundamental principles of early testing, inquisitive inquiry, and user learning are relevant to all projects. The essence of team building at work lies in the collective application of these principles throughout the prototyping process.

As the NYU Prototyping Fund kicks off its program, the focus extends beyond the individual teams and their projects. It also recognizes the importance of fostering effective team building in the context of innovation and product development. Collaboration and synergy among team members are crucial elements in achieving success. To nurture a supportive and cohesive work environment, you can explore valuable resources and insights from Their expertise in team dynamics and creating a positive workplace culture can provide you with valuable strategies for enhancing collaboration, boosting morale, and maximizing the potential of your team. By leveraging these resources, you can empower your team to excel in the virtual environment and drive impactful innovation.

Learn more about the cohort below. We are excited to see what these teams build and how they creatively test/get user feedback in the largely virtual environment.

Anne-Laure Fayard, Sarah Maibach, and the Fall 2020 teams meet on Zoom

Meet the teams!

Augmented Reflections: motivating health behavior change through self-awareness based information visualization. Ayanna Seals, Tandon PhD ‘22

Clean Surf: Surfboard made from recycled ocean plastics and other low environmental impact materials for a cleaner way to surf and ocean restoration. Cortlandt Meyerson, Gallatin BA ‘24 & Gregory Corn,  Gallatin BA ‘24

Delivery Order Fulfilment: A product for restaurants to ensure online order fulfillment through the aid of computer vision. Tarun Paladugu, Tandon MS ‘21; Vedant Desai, Tandon MS ‘21; Smrithi Thudi, Tandon MS ‘21; Sreeja Vangapelli, Tandon MS ‘21.

E-Cube: A portable, bacteria-free, environment-friendly, electrical cube that can ice/heat drinks. YiQi Wu, Tandon MS ‘21; Jose Figueroa, Tandon MS ’21; Aaron Lee, SPS BA ‘24; Dahlia Milevsky, Tandon MS ‘22.

Fishel Aquaponics: Easy-to-assemble, humane, and beautiful indoor aquaponics kits for people who want to grow organic produce in the company of fishy friends. E.W., GSAS MA ‘21 & E.J., GSAS MA ‘17.

Lymphedema Rehabilitation: A device for Lymphedema Rehabilitation that does the manual lymph drainage therapy. Manthan Pawar, Tandon MS ‘21; Sumit Sethi, Tandon MS ‘21.

Modular Workbook: Modular shell to encase a tablet or smartphone to give it an ergonomic feel for productivity with a touchpad and wireless keyboard on the go. Jonathan Phan, Tandon MS ‘22.

Parkinson's Limb Rehabilitation Brace: Robust, light wearable brace that locks limb posture and helps reinforce muscle position for comfort and to help in therapy for Parkinson's patients. Ameya Phadke, Tandon MS ‘21.
Proximity: This is a new, innovative way of displaying advertisements to the general public. Margarita Coronel, Courant MS ‘22; Sukumar Hakhoo, Courant MS ‘22; Neyl Loukil-Borrás, Stern BS ‘22; Madeleine Mai, Tandon BS ‘23.