Startup School

Startup School is a semester-long workshop series open to everyone in the NYU community that provides the trainings and resources to successfully launch and grow a startup.

No matter where you are in your startup journey, Startup School has something to offer – learn the startup essentials through the foundations, the must have competencies through founder skills, and how to fundraise through financing. Scroll down to learn more about each workshop and register to attend one workshop or the entire series that is relevant to your startup.

Startup School is free, but registration is required. Space is limited, therefore, we ask that you register only for workshops that you definitely plan to attend. Scroll down for details.

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If you are just getting started, you can attend the Foundations workshops and learn the basics of launching a startup. Or, if you are already working on a startup, it may be beneficial to attend the entire workshop series.



Founder Skills



Foundations are designed as smaller format workshops and covers the startup essentials. Founder Skills covers the must have competencies for startup leaders. Fundraising will cover topics that are crucial in preparing for growth of the startup.
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Getting to Product Market Fit Part 1Facebook Advertising to Grow Your StartupWhen & How To Raise Venture Capital
Tues, Jan. 20, 4pm - 6pmWed, Feb. 1, 4pm - 6pmThurs, Feb. 23, 4pm - 6pm
Have an idea for a startup but not sure where to begin? Come hear from startup experts about how to turn that idea into a viable business. Learn a step-by-step methodology that will help you get beyond the idea phase and on the path to a successful startup venture. Innovative companies often need innovative marketing techniques in order to reach the right market, and help them grow quickly. Lifestyle Marketing - targeting the interests, attitudes, and behaviors of a segment - is often the key to reaching an audience that didn't know they wanted your product or service, until you made them aware of it. Learn how you can use Facebook Marketing to strategically target your unique audience, and get the most out of your advertising budget. At some point in time, nearly every startup will require outside capital to help it grow and scale. This workshop will introduce the different sources of financing for startups at each stage of growth, and will provide specific tactics you can use to successfully raise the funds your startup needs.
Getting to Product Market Fit Part 2Prototyping PCBs with Botfactory SquinkThe Anatomy of a Term Sheet
Tues, Feb. 7, 4pm - 6pmWed, Feb. 8, 4pm - 6pmWed, Mar. 1, 4pm - 6pm
In this second of a two-part series, you will learn how to put the customer development methodology into practice. Learn how to test your concepts with users, customers and partners as you search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Botfactory Squink is a Desktop PCB Printer that can print multilayer traces, dispense solder and pick-and-place components. You can use Squink to prototype PCBs and experiment with creating devices on rigid or flexible materials. This workshop will teach you how to take your PCB design and fabricate it.Most venture investment negotiations start with a "term sheet." This is summarizes the terms that the investor is prepared to accept. Learn from a legal expert at McCarter & English about the key terms and mechanics associated with SAFEs, KISSes, Convertible Notes and Preferred Equity.
Sizing Up Your Market & CompetitionGoogle AnalyticsGreen Grants Program Overview
Tues, Feb. 14, 4pm - 6pmWed, Mar. 24, 4pm - 6pmWed, Mar. 22, 4pm - 6pm
As a startup founder, there are a few key questions you should be asking before you get too far into building your venture that will help you evaluate whether it's worth the investment of your time and resources. Things like: how big of an opportunity is this? Who else is trying to address this opportunity? How will our startup be different from the competition? Come learn about how to get the answers to these, and other critical questions that will help you assess the opportunity. Do you want to better understand who is visiting your site and how your content is performing? Join us for a session on Google Analytics where you will learn how to better understand web traffic, evaluate performance and glean insights from each report. NYU Green Grants are awarded to improve the university's operational environmental performance, advance applied research and design foster environmental literacy and community engagement. Learn from The Office of Sustainability about the program and get an inside perspective on how grant proposals are read and critiqued. This workshop will allow students to workshop their proposal ideas and refine and develop their proposal ideas.
Testing Your MVPs & PrototypesUI Prototyping & WireframingSBIR Advanced Workshop
Tues, Feb. 21, 4pm - 6pmTBDWed, Apr. 5, 9am-3 pm, Thurs, Apr. 6, 9am-3pm
How do you know if the product you're spending all that time building is actually something a customer would use, or better yet, pay for? This workshop will teach you how to test out your product concepts with customers before you spend weeks or months building it. TBDJoin us for a SBIR/STTR workshop focused on non-dilutive funding resources with Jim Greenwood. During this two-day workshop you will review sample proposals, learn about government accounting and the SBIR/STRR cost proposal. There will also be a day of 1:1 consultations with Jim to cover any SBIR/STRR topic or issue.
Protecting Your Idea or InventionArduino Micro ControllersCrowdfunding Your Business
Tues, Feb. 28, 4pm - 6pmTBDThurs, Apr. 20, 4pm - 6pm
This workshop, led by an intellectual property expert, will help you evaluate whether you should be taking steps to protect your startup's intellectual property. It will cover the different methods for protecting your IP (patents, copyrights, etc.) and will provide some specific guidance on how to go about putting IP protections in place. An Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform that can be used for a wide range of interactive digital projects. In this session, learn about how arduino micro controllers work, how they can interact with the real world, and what they are capable of. Learn how you can crowdfund your business with Julio Terra, the Director of Technology and Design at Kickstarter. During this session we will learn the basics of crowdfunding and how NYU entrepreneurs have found success in this space.
Building & Growing Your TeamAgile EngineeringStorytelling & Pitching to Investors
Tues, Mar. 21, 4pm - 6pmTBDTues, Apr. 25, 4pm - 6pm
Any early stage startup investor will tell you that a startup's team is one of the most important factors they consider when making an investment decision. Furthermore, the ability of a startup to successfully implement its strategy is dependent on having a team in place that possesses the required skills and capabilities. This session, led by a successful entrepreneur from the NYU community, will help you think through what kind of skills your startup requires, and how to go about building the team your startup needs to succeed. Agile Engineering refers to a mindset which removes waste, facilitates teams for high performance and allows for quick changes… which are inevitable. Plans don’t work. The strength of your business results from the strength and agility of your team… i.e. not your outdated plan. This workshop will teach you the agile philosophical bedrock upon which popular process/methodologies are often built/reference, for example SCRUM, XP, KANBAN, etc.One of the most critical jobs of a startup founder is communicating the vision and mission of your startup to the external community. Storytelling is a critical skill for hiring the best talent, attracting the right advisors, and convincing investors to put their money into your venture. This final workshop in the Startup School series will teach you how to effectively tell your startup's story.
Acquiring CustomersCreating a Product Launch Plan
Tues, Mar. 28, 4pm - 6pmWed, Apr. 12 4pm - 6 pm
Every successful startup needs a concrete strategy for attracting customers efficiently and effectively - if you don't have customers you don't have a business! Come learn about what makes a good customer acquisition strategy and discover which tactics are right for your business. You've built a product, and you are ready to share it with the world. During this session, we will walk through how to build a launch plan to get your product into the market and acquire your first customers. We'll walk through different marketing tactics that you can leverage (e.g. PR, content marketing, social media, digital marketing) and how you can use them in a coordinated fashion. We'll also discuss ways to promote your product on a limited budget. You will leave this session with useful templates, practical knowledge, and marketing hacks.
Sales for StartupsDeveloping Prototypes with 3D Printers & Laser Cutters
Tues, Apr. 4, 4pm - 6pmTBD
What does it mean to sell to businesses and how do you build that capacity on your team as an early stage startup? Come learn from a sales expert who specializes in startups about how to start and what to build. Interested in the magic behind 3D printing and laser cutting? In this introductory workshop, learn about the basic technology and uses surrounding these machines. You will leave with the tools and understandings necessary to start exploring the world of prototyping.
Measuring & Monitoring Metrics that MatterProduct Management Basics for Entrepreneurs
Tues, Apr. 11, 4pm - 6pmTBD
As a startup founder, how do you know if you're doing the right things for your business? How will investors know if you're on the path to building a successful scalable venture? Come learn about what metrics you should be paying attention to as you launch your startup, and what data investors will be looking for when making an investment decision. Product management provides a critical bridge between customers and engineering. PMs often work closely with founders to translate their vision, build the product, find product-market fit, and scale growth. Hear from an expert Product Manager on the what drives success in this space and what to implement in your startup.
Legal Essentials for Startup Founders
Tues, Apr. 18, 4pm - 6pm
Come hear from a legal expert who specializes in startup law discuss the most common legal mistakes entrepreneurs make and what you need to do to avoid them. Learn about how to incorporate your business, set the terms of ownership among the founders, and other legal nuts and bolts you need to consider in the early days of your startup.

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