Startup School

Startup School is a semester-long workshop series that provides the training and resources to successfully launch and grow a startup.

Startup School is free for current NYU students, faculty, researchers and staff, but registration is required. Refer to events calendar to register for upcoming workshops.

  • FAQs

    Do I need to register?

    Yes, registration is required for each workshop. Upcoming workshops can be found below.

    Who teaches Startup School?

    Each workshop is taught by an industry expert. This includes venture capitalists, startup founders, startup lawyers, digital marketers, accountants, and more!

    Are there any prerequisites?

    There are no prerequisites. Simply attend the sessions that are of interest to you - and attend as many as you like.

    Where can I see previous sessions of Startup School?

    Check out previous recordings of Startup School on our YouTube channel.

  • Previously Filmed Workshops

    Getting to Product Market Fit Part 1

    Getting to Product Market Fit Part 2

    How To Build Products Users Love

    When and How to Raise VC

    Acquiring Customers on a Budget

    Sizing Up Your Market and Competition

  • Upcoming Workshops