Why You Should Apply to the NYU Startup Sprint

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Before every NYU Startup Sprint application deadline comes up, we do our best to explain to potential applicants how transformative and effective the 2-week intensive accelerator is. Still, after the program ends, founders tell us how they had no idea how much the program was going to help them, that they found value where they didn't expect to, and more. So, this time, we thought we'd let you hear from past Sprint participants directly.


Read below to find out what J-Term Startup Sprint participants had to say about the program:

"Startup Sprint is to Startups what smart work is to success."Ann Andrews (Stern '22), Arithfunic


"The J-Sprint has been a phenomenal and transformative experience for our team. We came in thinking we had a solution, but on day 1, we quickly realized we didn’t even know what real problem we were solving for and for whom. If I had the chance to tell myself what to expect prior to the Sprint, I would say to be open-minded to changes and take full advantage of the knowledgeable coaches and resources. I would recommend this to any early-stage startup. You will come out better than you were before."Ashley Xie (Steinhardt '20), Rooted Fare


"Prepare for two weeks of intensity, epiphanies, and transformative 1 on 1 coaching. We came into this program very much unsure about how to move forward and what customer segment to pursue. By the end of it, we were experts on every aspect of the startup process and had honed in on a perfect customer segment and value proposition through research, interviews, and mentoring."Thomas Mowen (CAS '23), Rabble Rooms


"I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside other likeminded, passionate, individuals who want to address problems near to their hearts. I worked harder than I could have imagined, taking several steps back through the process so that I could ultimately take a great leap forward."Caylin Waller (Steinhardt '22), Theatre Advocacy Project


"Don't go any further until you have tried the lean startup method - you will not regret it!"Rukshan Mehra (Stern '21), Higher Ventures


"I had a great experience at the J-term startup sprint! Definitely two very intensive weeks of hard work; but I can say that I come out of it with so many valuable insights and so many critical lean startup methodology tools. It brought us closer as a team and we are so grateful for all the wonderful coaches and the other teams who really made our experience extremely valuable!" - Nour Azhari, Wazo


"The Sprint was so much more than what I expected! It was very challenging; stretched me as a founder to really adopt a way of thinking and working to test my assumptions, focus on what my customers think and do and how that will impact/change our work/solution as a team. The sprint was a critical experience that created a needed mindset and behavioral change for me as a founder. So grateful for this experience!" - Dessa Shepherd (Steinhardt '19), VisionVoice, Inc.


"This program saved me a lot of time, thought, resources, and energy I would have wasted trying to figure out how to start my business on my own."Mehrina Asif, Fiction Stop


"The J-Sprint was everything I had hoped it would be: fast-paced, encouraging, informative, and challenging. I am grateful to have been provided with such knowledgeable coaches and helpful resources. The program really helped CoffeeCard hone in on our target customer and analyze what problem we are truly solving for them. The fast-paced nature of the program is what encouraged our productivity and ultimate success. I am also grateful for the network we were able to build as a result of the J-Sprint, the other teams in the program are working on wonderful ideas that I am excited to see develop!"Laura Bokser (Stern '21), CoffeeCard


"After experiencing the Sprint, it was fascinating to discover that the best part of the experience was getting to observe the growth of start-up companies of all kinds, and see how the different groups applied the same lessons learned over the course of the Sprint." - Douglas MacKrell, VisionVoice, Inc.


"Our business has taken a new and far improved direction thanks to our participation in the Startup Sprint. We did not know what we did not know until we started the Sprint. Thanks to the guidance of our mentors, the peer to peer sharing and our own tireless customer discovery work, we have emerged on the other side of the Sprint with a much more meaningful problem to solve and a more scalable and attractive solution."Isabel Sheinman (Stern '21), Jengu


"The sprint showed me that anyone can learn how to start their own business if they have the motivation and open-mindedness to fail and start back up again."Cameron Ballard (Tandon '24), RadiTube


"This experience was deeply transformational for me, as the guidance and methods from this program have completely re-written how we approach creating a solution for our target segment. I believe the program's learnings and rigor have better prepared me and my team for the arduous and rewarding road ahead."Hedy Yu, Rooted Fare


"They mean it when they say SPRINT. This will truly test your business model, team dynamic, and entrepreneurial rigor - and that is such a privilege to have in a lower-risk, supportive, and community-driven environment as opposed to the far more cutthroat, high stakes, and often funding-intensive real world scenario! This is the best, most compressed rundown of everything you need to know to develop, test, and start a business - while facilitating life-long skills and evidence-based tools you can continue to use far beyond the sprint ends. Whether better preparing us to succeed with this idea, future ventures, or even in the corporate world - this entrepreneurial experience & spirit is exactly why I went to NYU!"Katrina Zheleznyak (Stern '20), Higher Ventures


"Just Breathe. The journey was well worth it."Miles Kilcourse (Tandon '23), Aeragen, Inc.


Startup Sprints are two-week programs that teach and support aspiring NYU entrepreneur (grand, undergrad, or staff!) teams to transform their ideas and inventions into businesses. Teams have access to expert startup coaches who guide them through this process, skills-building workshops, grant funding, peer support, and more!


Applications for the next NYU Startup Sprint are due March 22nd at 6pm. Attending an info session is mandatory for all who wish to apply.


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