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The Startup Coaching program is designed to support and coach aspiring NYU entrepreneurs –students, researchers, faculty, and staff – regardless of major, experience, discipline, or NYU school affiliation.

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    The Startup Coaching Program supports aspiring entrepreneurs at every stage of their startup journey. Whether you just came up with a concept an hour ago or have thought about it for years, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute gives you - students, faculty, researchers and staff - access to a network of entrepreneurs, venture coaches, and industry experts to help your venture launch and scale.

    The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute offers a variety of resources to support NYU startups at all stages of development including:

      • 1:1 Coaching: Meet with coaches and advisors from inside and outside NYU to get the guidance you need
      • Group Coaching: Learn about the resources available to you with peers who are on the same path as you
      • Community: Share knowledge and best practices, post jobs, and find team members for your venture
      • Resources & Deals: Get exclusive access to deals to help you get started, from software development to online courses
  • Who Can Participate

    Anyone currently at NYU can take advantage of the resources offered by the Startup Coaching Program:

    • Current NYU students, faculty, researchers, staff, and their team members
    • Startups at all stages of development
    • No prior experience with entrepreneurship necessary
  • Startup Coaching Program Network
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    Alyssa Petersel

    My Wellbeing

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    Cooper Union & Peloton

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