Technology Venture Summit
Join us for the inaugural Technology Venture Summit, a platform for NYU faculty, PhDs, postdocs, researchers, and their collaborators to celebrate groundbreaking technology with significant societal impact. You're invited to come network and hear from over 25 faculty and researchers who are pursuing the commercial impact of their innovations.
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 28, 12PM-6PM
Location: NYU Kimmel Center, Rosenthal Pavilion (60 Washington Square S)
  • 2023 Agenda

    Noon-12:45pm: Doors Open & Lunch

    12:45-1:00pm: Welcome & Opening Remarks with Stacie Bloom, PhD, Vice Provost for Research & NYU Chief Research Officer

    1:00-2:00pm: Keynote Fireside Chat with Dmitry Rinberg, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Canaery, Professor at NYU Grossman & FAS Neuroscience. Moderated by Vasant Dhar, PhD, Professor at NYU Stern.

    2:15-3:15pm: Leveraging Your Scientific/Clinical Expertise to Solve Unmet Needs for Societal Impact Panel, featuring:

    3:15-3:30pm: Coffee Break

    3:30-4:45pm: NYU Startup Demo Day Competition, featuring NYU Technology Venture Accelerator teams pitching to VC investors from 2048 VenturesTribeca Venture PartnersTwo Sigma Ventures, and more.

    4:45-4:50pm: Best Pitch: Judges & Audience Choice Announcement

    4:50-5:00pm: Closing Remarks

    5:00-6:00pm: Cocktail Reception & Poster Session featuring 20+ faculty-led projects and ventures


    The NYU Technology Venture Summit is organized by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, in partnership with NYU's Vice Provost for ResearchTechnology Ventures & OpportunitiesTandon Future Labs, and the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship at NYU Stern.

    Thank you to our sponsor Dentons.

  • Poster Presentations

    1. Activated Insecticidal Dusts for Infectious Disease Prophylaxis
    Team: Bart Khar (FAS Faculty), Bryan Erriah (GSAS ‘24)
    Overview: Activated insecticidal dusts for infectious disease prophylaxis.

    2. CARA Systems Inc.
    Team: Garigapuram Prithvinath Reddy (Tandon '23), Srushti Katore (Tandon ‘23), Kurt Becker (Tandon Professor Emeritus), Iskender Sahin (Tandon Faculty)
    Overview: Non-Invasive tool for risk assessment of intracranial aneurysms (IA).

    3. FireBeats
    Team: Prabodh Panindre (Tandon Faculty), Anurag Manda (Tandon Researcher), Sunil Kumar (Tandon Faculty)
    Overview: AI-based mobile health app for firefighters to mitigate cardiac deaths.

    4. Advanced Material Composites for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding
    Team: André Taylor (Tandon Faculty), Tibiti Simon Mashala (Tandon Staff)
    Overview: Proprietary 2D material composites for EMI shielding.

    5. CaroRhythm
    Team: Lokesh Sharma (Tandon '24), Nisha Maheshwari (Tandon Researcher), Vadim Gordin (Tandon Future Labs A/X Venture Studio), Alessandro Marone (Tandon Faculty), Albert Favate (Langone Health Clinician)
    Overview: Non-invasive monitoring and stimulation of cerebral blood perfusion.

    6. Building Diagnostic Robotics
    Team: Bilal Sher (Tandon ‘22), Talha Javed (Tandon ’23), Sruti Madhusudhan (Tandon ’23), Chen Feng (Tandon Faculty)
    Overview: Report-generating robots for building inspectors.

    7. Envision Health Technologies
    Team: Lama Al-Aswad (Fmr. Langone Health Clinician), Nicholas Neissa, Dinah Chen (Langone Health Clinician), Vipul Patel
    Overview: Virtual reality software as a medical device for the diagnosis of glaucoma.

    8. Sonority Labs LLC
    Team: Tara McAllister (Steinhardt Faculty), Tae Hong Park (Fmr. Steinhardt Faculty), Mario Svirsky (Grossman Faculty), Helen Carey (Steinhardt Staff, Wendy Liang (Steinhardt Staff)
    Overview: Tech-enhanced training methods to learn new speech skills.

    9. Ventifeed
    Team: Logan Hart (Grossman ‘24), Sean Bailey (Langone Clincian), Mladen  Barbic (NYU Tech4Health Institute), Vadim Gordin (Tandon Future Labs A/X Venture Studio)
    Overview: Feeding tube for resolving gaseous distension in preterm neonates.

    10. Sunthetics
    Team: Daniela Blanco (Tandon ‘20), César Urbina Blanco
    Overview: Machine learning platform for accelerating chemical R&D.

    11. GetNOISY
    Team: Tae Hong Park (Fmr. Steinhardt Faculty), Johannes Moenius, Christian Staack, Minjoon Yoo
    Overview: Automatic airplane noise monitoring for airports, noise associations, and individuals.

    12. Portable Diagnostic Systems
    Team: Glennon Simmons (Fmr. Dentistry Researcher), Nico Vansnick (Tandon ‘13), Ty Gabriel (CAS '99)
    Overview: Toxicology lab in a box.

    13. Kinact
    Team: Nicole Partridge (Dentistry Faculty), Carole Le Henaff (Dentistry Researcher), Zhiming He (Dentistry Researcher)
    Overview: Small molecule SIK activator to prevent debilitating high bone turnover diseases.

    14. Indoor Localization of Elderly Using Ambient Wi-Fi and IMU
    Team: Hassam Khan Wazir (Tandon '18), Anirudh  Addagada, Mustafa Bhadsorawala (Tandon '23), Vikram Kapila  (Tandon Faculty)
    Overview: Indoor localization of elderly using ambient Wi-Fi and IMU.

    15. Commute Booster
    Team: John-Ross Rizzo (Grossman Faculty), Junchi  Feng (Tandon '26), Mahya Beheshti (Tandon '25)
    Overview: Mobile app to help the visually impaired navigate the NYC subway.

    16. Biospoke
    Team: Julie Trolle (Grossman Postdoc), Sudarshan Pinglay (Grossman '17 & '21)
    Overview: Large-scale genetic modification of mammalian cells towards affordable gene therapy.

    17. PlasmoTech Diagnostics
    Team: Katsuo Kurabayashi (Tandon Faculty)
    Overview: Bioinspired plasmo-virus optoelectronic immunosensor for point-of-care viral detection.

    18. CareMobi
    Team: Tina Sadarangani (Grossman & Meyers Faculty), David Resto (Meyers Staff)
    Overview: A team-based app for managing your aging parents' day-to-day health.

    19. Vital Audio Inc
    Team: Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda (Tandon ‘23), Harsh Sonthalia (Tandon ‘23), Divya  Mehta (Stern ’23)
    Overview: Digital voice biomarkers for cardiopulmonary care.

    20. Pi-Radio FR3 Software-defined Radios
    Team: Aditya Dhananjay (Tandon ‘15), Sundeep Rangan (Tandon Faculty), Marco Mezzavilla (Tandon Faculty), Dennis Shasha (Courant Faculty)
    Overview: Real-world wireless experimentation.

    21. Interactive Mixed Reality Application for Remote K-12 Learning with Cross Collaboration
    Team: Akshay Singaram Tamizhselvam  (Tandon '23), Vikram Kapila (Tandon Faculty)
    Overview: Interactive mixed reality application for remote K-12 learning with cross collaboration.

    22. ProViZiGen
    Team: Jin Montclare (Tandon Faculty), Jian Weng, Olayinka Ajumobi-obe, Ethan Moriber
    Overview: HydroGEN, a disease-modifying treatment of osteoarthritis after joint injury.

    23. Fauxtonics
    Team: Aaron Shih (Courant PhD Student), Mathias Casiulis (FAS Postdoc), Stefano Martiniani (FAS Faculty)
    Overview: On-demand optimal optical metamaterials.

    24. ViBILLER
    Team: Pablo Ripollés (FAS & Steinhardt Faculty), Claire Pelofi (Steinhardt Faculty), Dana Bevilacqua (GSAS Staff)
    Overview: Wearable armband that quantifies the physiological biomarkers of emotion - namely goosebumps that accompany emotional reactions - and transforms them into visualizations.