Meet the 2020 NYU Summer Launchpad Teams!

Summer Launchpad (SLP) provides NYU’s most promising early-stage startups the support and resources they need to accelerate their growth and impact. Selected teams receive one-on-one mentorship from NYC investors and entrepreneurs (see this year's mentors), customer development training, legal and accounting services via McCarter & English and EisnerAmper, cloud computing from Amazon Web Services, and $10,000 in non-dilutive grant funding—all in a dynamic, immersive atmosphere.

Now in its eighth year, SLP launched countless successful NYU startups including BlocBrooklinen, Kinvolved, Ephemeral Tattoos, Geopipe, GigfinesseGovern for America, MedivisMotivote, My WellbeingSmart Vision LabsSeaStraws, The Diversity Org and We Are the New Farmers, to just name a few. SLP alumni are collectively generating more than $110 million in annual revenue! 


Meet the teams in the (virtual) NYU Summer Launchpad 2020 cohort:

Dathic creates an AI-based platform for CPG that understands the US Hispanic consumers, recommends the best locations to grow and connect communities with the products they love.

Team Members: Laura Rocha (Wagner ‘20), Jose Daniel Ramirez, Luis Felipe Giraldo, Santiago Alvarez, Diana Prieto, Juan David Ramirez

Grounded Upcycling transforms “waste” into food. They upcycle spent coffee grounds into an array of mushroom growth products for at-home growers and commercial mushroom farms.

Team Members: Parker Reposa (Gallatin ‘19), Marc de Konkoly Thege, Ben Blaustein (CAS ‘20), Craig Trester

Maxwell is building  a fully automated portable robotic Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound that can be used by first responders without specialized training to confirm the ischemic stroke. Using Maxwell TCD could shorten the time of intervention and reduce the chance of brain damage.

Team Members: Mehran Baboli (Langone Health Postdoc), Azadeh Sharafi (Langone Health Research Scientist)

Sabai creates sustainable furniture without the compromise. Sabai is affordable, flat-packed, quick shipped, and beautiful to boot.

Team Members: Phantila Phataraprasit (Law ‘20), Caitlin Ellen (Stern Langone ‘21)

She Matters provides a community designed to support postpartum Black women who experience anxiety and/or depression, by building individual healthy habits that can be tracked and celebrated. These women serve as role models for one another as they meet their goals, attend our events, participate in our online community and access culturally competent therapists.

Team Members: Jade Kearney (Steinhardt ‘20), Marguerite Pierce, Dwayne Peltier

The Thinkers is an e-learning platform for high school students (13-17 years old) who are seeking to strengthen their executive functioning, future planning, and interpersonal skills through live classes, dynamic facilitation, and peer to peer interaction.

Team Members: Rina Patel (Gallatin ‘20), Micah Copeland

Veccnet offers ubiquitous, ultra-reliable, and low-latency connectivity, allowing drone service providers to reliably control their long-range delivery drones and benefit from fewer mission abortions and reduced costs compared to satellite links.

Team Members: Kim Mahler (Tandon/CUSP Postdoc), Tom Piechotta

War Locker creates distraction-free sports protection for combat sports athletes and other contact sports athletes.

Team Members: Stanley Chen (Stern MBA ‘21), Kyle Yang (Stern MBA ‘21)