Prototyping Lab

THE PROTOTYPING LAB IS CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19. For prototyping related virtual events, check out our events calendar.

We have industry leading prototyping technologies to make your ideas come to life.

Whether you have an idea, want to learn about new prototyping technologies, or you want to begin prototyping, we are here to help.

Many people feel intimidated with engineering, but in actuality, there is nothing to worry about.

We have prototyping lab guardians that are here to advise you throughout the prototyping process.

However, the prototyping lab guardians will NOT make your prototypes for you.

Email us at or stop by our office hours if you have any questions about the lab or about your personal projects!

Office and training hours will be announced once the space reopens.

  • How to Use the Prototyping Lab

    1. Sign up for a prototyping lab training

    2. Get certified by taking a quick practical test

    3. Get personalized 1:1 help on your entrepreneurial projects

    Our main focus is to teach you the concepts of prototyping and introduce you to the available technologies within NYU.

  • Prototyping Lab Equipment
    • Epilog 40W Laser Cutter
    • Two 3D Printers: Mojo & Ultimaker 3
    • and many others tools (soldering, screw drivers, screws, wires, glue etc...)

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