Back to all events InnoVention Competition - NYC Regional Host: NYU Entrepreneurial Institute
Event Details Join us on Wednesday, April 14th to hear from the 6 rising ventures pitching for the two spots representing NYU NYC in Global InnoVention Demo Day!

Meet the teams:
• CAR-T Chips — By combining recent advances in microfluidic organ-on-a-chip technology and CAR-T cell immunotherapy, the venture offers innovative screening platforms for oncologists to select potential responders and the best personalized therapeutics for acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients
• Jade — a platform that provides information on the environmental and ethical impacts of various clothing brands to empower sustainability-conscious consumers to make informed clothing purchases and drive sales to eco-friendly clothing brands
• Neurobotica — developers of a teleoperation robotic system that enables remote healthcare and manufacturing
• Jengu — a compact system of smart postnatal home fitness essentials designed to motivate new moms to reconnect with their bodies and regain their strength with equipment they love to use
• Letryx — a legal software company developing a machine learning platform for energy lawyers
• Stan (formerly Trim) — an app aimed at helping streamers grow faster and scale themselves by cutting down the time it takes to share engaging moments of their livestream content to other media platforms

About the InnoVention Society
We are a community of NYU hackers, makers, and engineers concerned with all things startup. Whether you have just an idea, a prototype, or anything in between, IVS is committed to helping you reach the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.
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Wed, April 14, 2021
5:45 PM ‐ 8:00 PM
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