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Introducing the NYU BioVenture Speaker Series

Earlier this year, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute launched the BioVenture Speaker Series for the Life Sciences community.

I am happy to say that the first two talks have been well received and attended. In the first talk, Dr. Chetan Vijayvergiya, Vice President at Publicis Life Brands Medicus, talked about how to effectively communicate the ideas and science behind a product or business. One attendee noted his expertise in client pitches, calling him “the PhD equivalent of Don Draper in Mad Men for healthcare advertising.” Chetan shared with us the rule of three in effective communications: (1) know your audience; (2) communicate with the end in mind; and (3) keep it simple.

In the second installment, Dr. Michael Ritchie, Director of Business Development at Champions Oncology, discussed how to define a market in order to properly value a business opportunity. He showed attendees different way to break down markets, and stressed the importance of shaping the market by creating awareness when necessary. Lastly, he reminded the audience about the importance of having a good commercial strategy and always thinking of what potential investors can get out of your idea.

This Wednesday, March 25, Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, will discuss about how to define your value proposition to ensure your BioVenture can breakout and build a sustainable business. Frank’s talk will also provide concepts relevant to identifying the commercial value proposition of your research discoveries or clinical activity when seeking funding. RSVP here.

The BioVenture Speaker Series is intended to build on attendees' scientific and clinical experiences to support your innovation and commercialization endeavors. We hope you will continue to find that these talks enrich your engineering, science, and medical training at NYU. If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, you will be able to find a recap with key takeaways in the Lesson Learned blog.

Towards the end of the series, we will have an invitation-only VC Pitch Event. Attendees will get an opportunity to watch life sciences startups pitch their ideas to VCs and receive feedback. Additionally, there will be opportunities to network with VCs, entrepreneurs, and course instructors. Preference will be given to past BioVenture Speaker Series attendees.

Venture on!

About the BioVenture Series:

The BioVenture Speaker Series is hosted by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and co-sponsored by the NYU Biotechnology Association. It comprises a series of introductory lectures taught by industry experts for graduate and medical students, postdoctoral fellows, residents and faculty. The series provides attendees with the knowledge, tools, and insights to commercialize bold ideas and discoveries.

From broad topics to focused case studies, the series dives into the areas of communication, market size, drug and medical devices, value proposition, venture formation, and much more. It provides those with a curiosity about venture creation the business literacy for continued learning and a commercial framework to translate research discoveries or clinical activity. It also is applicable to those who just want to be aware of how one can actively drive the commercialization of your research discoveries forward. Every two weeks, we will have guest speakers covering the topics listed below.

NYU BioVenture Speaker Series Topics:

  • Communicating Your Sciences/Ideas effectively
  • How big is this opportunity? From Research Discoveries and Clinical Activity to Revenue Potential
  • Venture Secrets: Building Compelling Value Proposition for your Product Ideas/Services
  • Orphan Diseases Startup Case Studies
  • Transforming Medical Devices Idea into Business Ventures: Case Studies
  • Venture Secrets: Building Products into Companies
  • Life Sciences VC Pitch Fest