Scaling Research Commercialization

Research + Entrepreneurs = Making the World a Better Place

The Scaling Research Commercialization (SRC) Initiative is a pan-university effort to encourage more entrepreneurs to undertake meaningful, scalable ventures utilizing existing research.

If you’re working on an amazing self-directed project with dreams of turning it into a business or a deep-thinking transformative researcher who wants to change the world, we want to help you. Click here to begin learning how.

The objective of the SRC is to bring highly motivated, entrepreneurial minded people together with accomplished researchers who have aspirations of their work being commercialized. Facilitating these introductions – matching the work of students working on self-directed projects with appropriate research is intended to help transition more research out of the labs into the real world.

Accelerating these introductions enables more teams to leverage their university time as a springboard for launching new ventures. Help us help you by Scheduling a meeting to start your exploration.