LaGuardia Co-op

LaGuardia Co-op is a collaborative technology working space that offering services and programming to encourage student interaction with emerging technology, including Video and Audio Recording, 3D Modeling and Printing, Gaming and Virtual Reality, and more!

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    The LaGuardia Co-op is a new Student Technology Center designed for students to connect and collaborate around the use of technology through a variety of specialized resources, including Virtual Reality, Gaming, Audio/Video Recording, Teleconferencing, and more.

    The Co-Op also hosts a variety of free skill share workshops and events centered around the teaching and learning of emerging technology, in hopes to foster a community of NYU students passionate about making, creating, and experimenting with technology.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who has access to the LaGuardia Co-Op?

    The Co-Op is accessible to current degree-seeking students enrolled in classes. You will be required to tap your NYU ID to access the space.

    When is the LaGuardia Co-Op open?

    The Co-Op is open:

    Monday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
    Friday 10am-6pm

    *Summer and J-Term Hours may differ

    What specialized software does the LaGuardia Co-Op have?

    The Co-Op has so many fun software packages to play with! Some of the more specialized offerings include 3D Modeling Software (SolidWorks, ZBrush, MeshMixer), Video Editing Software (Adobe Premiere), the Adobe Suite, and Audio Editing Software (Audacity). For our full list, check out here:

    What types of programming does the LaGuardia Co-Op have?

    The LaGuardia Co-Op offers a variety of tech-based programming, including 3D Modeling Workshop Series, Tech Talks (where NYU Community members discussed their technology-based projects), open gaming events, and circuitry workshops. Follow us on Facebook at NYU Student Technology Centers for more on when specific events will be taking place!

    Can I/How do I reserve spaces at the LaGuardia Co-Op?

    You can absolutely reserve spaces at the Co-Op!

    All Co-Op spaces (Video Recording Booth, Group Study Rooms, Demonstration Space, Collaboration Space), other than the Classroom, can be reserved online through our website here: For Classroom reservations, please email Please review the Terms of Use for the Co-Op spaces for specifics on each room and the proper protocol for reservation.