Healthcare Makerthon

The NYU Healthcare Makerthon is a high energy opportunity to work alongside passionate members of the NYU community to solve for impactful, unmet needs in healthcare. You will experience the rush of being challenged and thinking on your feet with your multi-disciplinary team and industry mentors. Teams of NYU students, faculty, researchers, and staff will compete to win over $10,000 in total prizes.

Looking to ideate around a challenge or join a team? Come to the Healthcare Makerthon Weekend.

Join us on Fri, Oct 6-Sun, Oct 8, 2017.

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  • How Does Healthcare Makerthon Work?

    Phase I: Challenges Announcement & Teammate-Hunt

    • Healthcare Innovation Challenges Announcement and Teammate-Hunt will be held on Thurs, Sept 14
    • Meet people who have the right domain-expertise and skillset to form a team
    • Get a head start on ideation with your team in anticipation of the Makerthon weekend

    Phase II: Makerthon Weekend

    • Over 48 hours, you will experience the rush of coming together as a team to solve an important innovation challenge, learn how to assess the needs of your customer and start testing the commercial viability of your venture concept
    • Work with top healthcare investors, entrepreneurs and startup experts to help develop your idea into a viable venture
    • The top 4 teams selected by a panel of healthcare startup experts will receive cash prizes totaling $10,000 and advance to Phase III

    Phase III: Venture Support

    • Six weeks of hands on mentorship and coaching from the startup experts at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute
    • You will also have access to healthcare investors, entrepreneurs, and technology experts as part of Blackstone LaunchPad at NYU

    The NYU Healthcare Makerthon is presented by NYU School of Medicine, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Office of the President. The NYU Healthcare Makerthon is also brought to you with support from our generous sponsors. If you have questions which haven’t been answered through the below sections, please contact us via

  • Healthcare Innovation Challenges

    Out of 150 submissions crowdsourced from the NYU healthcare community, these top 5 healthcare innovation challenges were selected by an expert panel of judges. Pick an innovation challenge, find a team via slack, and join us for the Makerthon Weekend.

  • Who Should Attend?

    The goal of the NYU Healthcare Makerthon is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration across the NYU community to build solutions to innovative healthcare challenges. Whether you’re a current student, researcher, faculty or staff/administrative member from Tandon School of Engineering, School of Medicine, Langone Health, Stern School of Business, College of Arts and Science, College of Nursing, College of Dentistry, or any other NYU school, college or institution, you will fit right in! Visit the FAQs section of this page to learn more about forming a team for the Weekend.

    Q: Do I need to be a CURRENT NYU student, faculty, researcher or staff member to participate in the Makerthon Weekend?

    • Yes. If you intend to compete as an individual in the NYU Healthcare Makerthon, you must be a current NYU student, faculty member, researcher or staff member. If you intend to compete as a team, all members of your team must be current NYU students, faculty members, researchers or staff members.

    Q: I’m a healthcare practitioner, what do I get out of the Healthcare Makerthon?

    • Be a part of a practitioner-led innovation
    • Learn how to take an idea from concept to prototyping
    • Learn how to prototype solutions to healthcare’s most pressing innovative challenges
    • Work on a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and designers
    • Connect with healthcare entrepreneurs and investors

    Q: I’m an engineer or a developer, what do I get out of the Healthcare Makerthon?

    • Try new APIs and use healthcare sensors
    • Diversify your portfolio with healthcare projects
    • Work on real world problems with healthcare experts to build the right solutions
    • Receive guidance from industry experts
    • Rapidly and iteratively build MVPs based on customer insights

    Q: I’m a business student, what do I get out of the Healthcare Makerthon?

    • Experience a rapid, weekend-long bootcamp in venture creation - Connect with healthcare entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, and industry experts in the NYC venture and startup community
    • Meet and work alongside engineers and developers as a team
    • Opportunity to pitch to investors and potential to win awards and prize money
    • Get out of the case-study mantra and apply your business acumen to solve real world challenges

    Q: I’m a designer, what do I get out of the Healthcare Makerthon?

    • Apply your design skills to real-world challenges to create positive impact for people
    • Rapidly and iteratively prototype potential solutions
    • Create human-centered solutions that make it easier for providers and patients to manage health
    • Diversify your portfolio with healthcare projects
    • Work alongside experts and multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers, engineers and business practitioners to co-design solutions

    Q: How many members should an NYU Healthcare Makerthon team include?

    • A team should ideally include 3-4 members. No more than 5 members may participate in a team.

    Q: Can I join a team at the Makerthon Weekend?

    • Yes! The Makerthon Weekend will include time for networking and team building, on the first night, Friday, October 6th.

    Q: Do I need to submit an innovative challenge to join a team?

    • No. All members of the NYU community who are current students, faculty, researchers, and staff are invited to join in the Makerthon teammate hunt and weekend, regardless of whether or not you submitted an innovative challenge.

    Q: Who can I contact if I have questions?

    • If you have questions which haven’t been answered through the FAQ, please contact us at
  • What are the Judging Criteria and Prizes?

    Q: What is the Judging Criteria for the Healthcare Makerthon Weekend?

    Team: Is your team multi-disciplinary (engineers, healthcare/life sciences, business, designers and others)?

    Validation: Did your team speak to users or customers to validate the problem

    Execution Design: Is your prototype the right solution for the problem you’re solving? Is the solution unique? Have you thought about the user experience of your minimum viable product (MVP) and does it fit within the workflow of the user?

    Market Viability: What solutions already exist in the market? How is your team’s solution better? Is this the right solution for the problem?

    Impact: Does the team demonstrate how the proposed solution will have significant and meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes and/or economics?

    Q: What are the prizes for the Makerthon Weekend?

    Teams will compete to win over $10,000 in total prizes and advance to Phase III of the NYU Healthcare Makerthon, Venture Support, where YOU will receive access to coaches and other resources.

    Q: Who are the judges for the Makerthon Weekend?

    Jen van der Meer - Founder of Reason Street and Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design Strategies
    Seth Orlow, MD, PhD - Samuel Weinberg Professor of Pediatric Dermatology, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology
    John Friedman - Managing Partner, Easton Capital

  • Makerthon Weekend Agenda

    The agenda is still being finalized. The most recent draft is provided below to help with your planning purposes.

    Day 1 - Fri, Oct 6 (6 - 9 pm) at NYU Kimmel Center, Eisner & Lubin (4th Floor)

    5:45 pmDoors Open/Registration. Register & IP Waiver to be signed
    6:15 pmIntroductions/Welcome
    6:25 pmKeynote: President Andrew Hamilton
    6:35 pmKeynote: Nedal Shami (CAS '00), Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CityMD
    7:10 pmChallenges Overview
    7:20 pmOrientation and Setting Expectation for the Makerthon Weekend
    7:30 pmTeam Formation
    8:45 pmTeam registration & wrap-up

    Day 2 - Sat, Oct 7 (9 am - 10:30 pm) at Leslie eLab

    9:00 amRegistration and breakfast
    9:30 amOrientation
    9:40 amProblem definition session
    10:10 amTeam work time: Problem definition
    11:30 amLunch
    11:45 amMentors arrive
    12:00 pmTeam work time. Customer discovery with healthcare experts
    1:30 pmOptional Clarifai and Biodigital session
    1:45 pmMentor group 2 arrives
    2:00 pmDesign thinking and UI/UX by Sascha Mombartz
    2:00 pmResource: API, Tech and Prototyping Office Hours Begin
    3:45 pmMentors group 3 arrives
    4:00 pmTeam work time: Prototypes and business models
    6:00 pmDinner
    6:00 pmTeam work time
    10:00 pmVenue closes

    Day 3 - Sun, Oct 8 (8:15 am - 5:30 pm) at Leslie eLab

    8:15 amCheck-in and pitch sign-up
    8:15 amBreakfast
    9:30 amSession: Pitching 101
    10:00 amPitch practice & tech check sign up
    10:00 amTeam work time
    11:30 amPractice pitches and tech check
    12:00 pmLunch
    2:00 pmFinal presentations due
    2:30 pmJudges arrive
    2:30 pmRegistration for pitch competition
    3:00 pmOpening remarks
    3:15 pmPitch Competition and judging
    5:00 pmJudges convene to tabulate results
    5:30 pmWinners announcement and reception
  • FAQs

    Q: If I am a member of a winning team for Phase II, do I need to continue to the final phase (III) of the NYU Healthcare Makerthon?

    We strongly encourage all members of winning teams from the Makerthon Weekend to participate in Phase III of the NYU Healthcare Makerthon, in which YOU will receive access to industry experts and to the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute team of startup experts.

    Q: What tools will be available to help me prototype my solution?

    You are welcome to bring your own, however, we’ve amassed a great toolset of APIs, materials, and resources to help teams prototype solutions. A full list of resources available to Makerthon Weekend participants can be found here. Demos of APIs will be given during the Makerthon Weekend. Please check the Agenda section of this website to find out about API demo days and times.

    Q: What if I can only attend part of the Makerthon Weekend?

    We encourage all participants in the Makerthon Weekend to stay for the entire weekend session. If for whatever reason you can’t attend the entire weekend, please communicate this directly with the members of your team ahead of the Makerthon Weekend to ensure fair expectations are set.

    Q: Will food be provided at the Makerthon Weekend?

    Yes, full catering will be provided for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and other refreshments will also be provided throughout the weekend.

    Q: Do I need to bring my own laptop for the Makerthon Weekend?

    Yes, please bring your laptop to the Makerthon Weekend. Other shared prototyping materials will be provided for you over the Makerthon Weekend (see the resources tab for more details).

    Q: Location for the Healthcare Makerthon Weekend

    The Healthcare Makerthon Weekend is taking place at Washington Square NYU campus locations. Please scroll down to the Agenda section of this page for the specific location information for Makerthon Weekend activities by day.

    Q: Who can I contact if I have questions?

    If you have questions which haven’t been answered through the FAQ, please contact us at

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