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Join the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs for the first NYU Demo Day, featuring 12 successful NYU entrepreneurs and their startups.

These teams from seven NYU schools are addressing challenges in food systems, civic engagement, healthcare, and more, and over half of the presenting teams are led by female CEOs!

Collectively, the teams represent many of the winners of the 2017-18 $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge (Sunthetics & Grocer8), Mission: Appossible (Heatlh Huddle), and InnoVention Challenge (Sunthetics & Health Huddle). Moreover half the teams are generating revenue today while others are securing pilots, partnerships and private financing.

Can't wait to see you there!

Learn about the presenting teams:

Aduri is helping people improve their mindfulness practice with a smart meditation cushion. The product creates an immersive mindfulness experience, streaming daily live classes from their NYC studio directly into user's homes.
Founders: Jesal Trivedi (Tisch '18)

Ballotbox is creating an all-in-one community management software for grassroots organizers and political campaigns. Their first product is an application that helps teams who do canvassing convert signups into activated customers.
Founders: Sebastian Jimenez (Stern '18), Vanessa Chesnut (CAS '18), Tomasz Bachosz (Abu Dhabi '19)

Fortify Health
Fortify Health provides resistance training devices and programs designed by doctors and therapists that are simple enough to use so that patients can exercise without supervision. BedTrainer, the first prototyped product, attaches to the hospital bedrails, allowing patients to perform multiple upper body and core exercises.
Founders: Andrew Adelsheimer (Stern MBA '19), Will Small (Stern MBA '19)

Govern for America
Govern for America is closing the talent gap in state government by building a pipeline of young leaders to fill key roles through a two year fellowship.
Founders: Kyleigh Russ (Wagner '19), Octavia Abell

Grocer8 is a “Yelp” for packaged food that offers health-conscious users a community to learn about the best products available through a recommendation engine. As users interact with products through upvotes, downvotes and comments, Grocer8 is able to combine that information with food science to recommend personalized options to make healthy eating easier.
Founders: Divya Jayachandran (Stern MBA '19), Emily Wallen (Stern MBA '18)

HealthHuddle is building a platform to improve clinical communications through the smart display of vital patient data, eliminating preventable medical errors.
Founders: Sabina Braverman (Wagner '18), Andrew Dempsey (Tandon '19), Danny Silk (Wagner '18), Sushant Thomas (CAS '19) 

Mary Taylor Wines
Mary Taylor Wine is creating a comprehensive library of authentic white label European wines with companion advisory and educational online service. The goal is to take the mystery out of wine buying and wine drinking, by providing a consistent quality of wine, packaging and information across a growing range of wines, at an attainable price point.
Founder: Mary Tylor (Stern MBA '17)

Motivote is the peer-to-peer social accountability platform that uses behavioral economics to bridge the gap between intending to vote and actually doing it.
Founders: Jessica Riegel (Wagner '18), Emily Graham (Wagner '18), Rachel Konowitz (Wagner '18)

NextGen Bootcamp
NextGen is a coding bootcamp for the next generation of high school and college students. Their first program is a 5-week summer intensive where students learn the equivalent of 2 courses of university level computer science.
Founders: Zach Cohen (Gallatin '20)

Pepper is a company that creates the best fitting bras for small-chested women, that finally eliminates awkward cup gabs and negative body standards by designing for small-busted (A-cup) women rather than the industry’s average size (C-cup). As a company, Pepper is championing the body positivity movement for small-chested women.
Founders: Lia Winograd (Stern MBA '19), Jaclyn Fu

Sunthetics drives sustainable change in the fashion industry by providing a solar-powered pathway to manufacture environmentally-friendly nylon, while improving manufacturing cost and efficiency.
Founders: Myriam Sbeiti (Tandon '18), Daniela Blanco (Tandon '21), Professor Miguel Modestino (Tandon faculty), and Ben Rizkin (Tandon '21), Kyle Ireland (Tandon '18)

We Are The New Farmers
New Farmers is pioneering healthier and more sustainable foods of the future with an urban farm that grows their first superfood product, fresh spirulina.
Founders: Jonas Guenther (Tandon ’18), Michael Udovich (Tandon ’18), Daniel Bernstein


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Wed, September 26, 2018
12:00 PM ‐ 3:00 PM
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