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You are a community of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs at NYU, who come together to refine ideas, build technologies, and launch startups. Hailing from all disciplines and every part of the University, you dream, create, and continually wonder "What's Next?"
You are a . . .
  • Undergrad

    You're a young, aspiring entrepreneur looking for educational programming, networking events, and work space to help you get started. You have access to NYU’s rich and diverse startup resources and will get the guidance you need to build a successful venture.

    Sign up for one of NYU's many entrepreneurship classes, explore its extracurricular programs, and learn the skills needed to launch a real company with real potential.

    Join NYU's entrepreneurship community. Take the leap to start something or get the support you need for an existing startup as part of a network of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs from around the University.

  • Grad

    As a graduate student, you're armed with the advanced skills needed to identify opportunities in the market, and design and build solutions. With access to NYU's startup resources and funds, you will get the connections and support you need to help your ventures flourish.

    Discover where the path of entrepreneurship can take you through one of NYU's many entrepreneurship classes, events, and programs dedicated to connecting you with the University's community of innovators.

  • PhD + Postdoc

    You're a PhD candidate or Postdoc with the expertise, technical skills, and perhaps even inventions to be a great entrepreneur, but may not be sure exactly where to begin with launching a startup.

    NYU offers a variety of entrepreneurship programs, events, and resources to help you develop and hone your startup expertise.

    Join NYU's community of emerging and experienced entrepreneurs, and learn how to translate your research into life improving solutions, spark economic growth, and solve some of society's most pressing issues.

    Explore programs and resources specifically tailored to support and nurture you, NYU's outstanding community of researchers, and forge a path that can move your promising research out of academia and into the market.

  • Faculty

    As a member of NYU's faculty, you are among the best and brightest minds in the world - both in the lab and in the classroom. Get the support you need to bring your technical innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace.

    Whether it's matching you with researchers and students in like-minded fields, or connecting you with resources in complementary areas of studies, NYU's startup programming and events can bolster your expertise and give you the support needed to set your ideas into motion.

    Check out NYU's many resources to personalize your path to entrepreneurship and learn how to integrate startup principles into your classroom.

Clubs and Organizations
Just as great startups require a team, great startup communities require collaboration among members with different backgrounds and skills. The NYU Entrepreneurs Network is made up of over 20 entrepreneurship-related grad and undergrad organizations from ten schools across the University, who come together with a mutual goal of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship campus-wide.

The NYU Entrepreneurs Network board provides marketing and funding support for all entrepreneurship clubs on-campus via the Collaboration Fund, and brings together the community for a few marquee events each year including the Entrepreneurs Festival.

To learn how to join a member club, check out your options below. To learn more about the Entrepreneurs Network email


How Do I Sign Up?

Request to join the NYU Faculty Entrepreneurs Google Group by emailing or attend one of our events and request to join on the sign-in sheet.

What is it?

NYU faculty and researchers are experts, thought leaders, innovators, and lifelong learners.

Explore a network for NYU's world-renowned instructors and researchers to share insights, opportunities, and information about entrepreneurship and startup happenings across the University.

With over 270 members and counting, NYU’s Faculty Entrepreneurs Network (NYUFE) keeps you, our instructors and researchers, informed and ensures that our University remains a leader in entrepreneurship.

Who Can Join?

All faculty members and researchers at NYU are welcome to join.


How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up to be part of the SES listserv and ensure you hear about upcoming club events and other entrepreneurship resources around NYU email

What is it?

Equipped with field expertise, training, and technical skills, PhDs and Postdocs possess many qualities of a great entrepreneur.

The Scientific Entrepreneurs Society (SES) is an organization for PhDs and Postdocs from across the University interested in entrepreneurship and commercializing research. Through this organization and its activities, you’ll learn about the many resources available for graduate level students and researchers interested in launching or growing a startup.

Attend a monthly event including lectures from guest speakers, workshops, and networking events to meet other students that share your field of study, or connect with those working in complementary areas of research.

Who Can Join?

Open to all PhDs and Postdocs from any NYU school.

No prior experience with entrepreneurship or research commercialization is required.