About Entrepreneurship at NYU

NYU fosters a University-wide startup ecosystem that encourages multi-disciplinary collaboration, accelerates innovation, and cultivates the next generation of startup leaders. The University's team of startup experts offer educational programming and events, industry-specific resources, and funding support to help inspire, educate, connect, and accelerate entrepreneurs from across NYU.

Got an idea but not sure where to start? Sign up for a networking event, hear a guest speaker, or attend a startup job expo and get involved with the NYU startup community. Explore NYU's Showcase Startup series to understand the challenges faced by founders in the early phases of starting up and hear the successes they’ve achieved since launching their ventures. Show Resources For Getting Inspired

Check out the range of entrepreneurship-based classes and extracurricular resources available to NYU community members at all levels of study. Sharpen the skills needed to launch a successful startup and learn industry best practices to help refine your business ideas, technologies, or solutions. Attend a workshop or sign-up for a multi-week bootcamp to network with other entrepreneurs and get hands-on startup training. Show Resources For Learning Fast

Get to know other aspiring entrepreneurs, find a mentor, or connect with potential investors at one of NYU's frequent startup events. With a wide variety of programs and events aimed to connect you with talent from inside and outside of NYU, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and desired trajectory. Take advantage of opportunities to connect with other NYU students, faculty and researchers in your field, or meet experts from a totally different field to expand your network and grow your venture. Show Resources For Tapping The Network

The early stages of any startup require a lot of TLC. Get the support you need by participating in one of the many programs NYU offers to help grow your venture. Meet a mentor by connecting with advisors and startup coaches. Attend office hours with experts to answer your legal, accounting, and technology questions. With a variety of immersive courses and startup competitions, NYU provides you the support and resources you need to launch and scale a successful startup. Show Resources For Accelerating

Let's face it; it takes money to build a startup. There's a lot of funding out there to support NYU startups, both from internal sources and external foundations and investors, but it can be hard to navigate the funding landscape on your own. The University has several resources to help you identify the right type of funding at each point in your startup journey, whether it's a grant from University-sponsored programs, awards from foundations like VentureWell's E-Team program, or venture capital investment from investors like the NYU Innovation Venture Fund. Show Resources For Funding Growth

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We help start up startups. By guiding entrepreneurs, inspiring would-be entrepreneurs, and cross-pollinating students and faculty from different disciplines, we are at the center of a startup ecosystem designed to transform brilliant ideas into successful commercial solutions. Since the founding of the NYU Innovation Venture Fund in 2010, we have accelerated the pace of technology commercialization and helped launch successful startups founded by our talented community of students, faculty, and researchers.

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